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    Where Are All My Ps4 Gamers At?

    Smokey_Badger420 is my PSN and im looking for partners in the zombie apocalypse,add me if your down to play on launch day
  2. Smokey_Badger

    Playable Gender(S)

    So, I find myself reading countless posts where people complain about the lack of a female playable character in dying light, my question is, why does it even matter?
  3. Smokey_Badger

    Bows And Crossbows

    Kind of disappointing that there are no craftable bows, basically tells us, that crane can make flaming electrical swords out of scraps.....but cant make a simple bow? A lil silly if ya ask me lol, its a great game and I love it, but there are certainly a few minor issues present
  4. Smokey_Badger

    Destiny Loot Cave Easter Egg

    I found it early, on accident, its very cool, but a little disappointing, not in its damage or use, but its relatively easy to find and breaks very very very quickly.
  5. Smokey_Badger

    Too Much To Ask That 'x' Be Jump?

    I think its great, just requires a little adapting. Standard fps controls would have made it extremely difficult to maintain fast movement while deciding where to run/jump to next
  6. Smokey_Badger

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    I feel the night hunter is weak, be the zombie mode needs sone tweaks, every time I have been invaded me and my partner have been able to completely dominate the night hunter with minimal deaths, then they quit before we actually "win". The night hunter needs a stamina buff for sure, and uv light range% battery life needs to be nerfed.
  7. Smokey_Badger

    No Dockets?

    I have my pre order weapons pack, but no dockets available to turn in to the quartermaster? Wtf lol
  8. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    I see you are giving out the first two parts of the season pass for free to everyone in lew of the delay situation. What I want to know is what about people who payed $20 for the season pass? You are essentially selling me 1 dlc (the bozak horde) for $20, which to me, feels like a rip off. Unless season pass holders are compensated for the two dlcs you are now giving away for free then you are ripping people off and will likely see most season passes canceled, including mine. Any answer you have would be much appreciated, thank you for any response.
  9. Smokey_Badger

    Usa Countdown!

    Almost just 4 hours left (Ny)
  10. Smokey_Badger

    Has Anyone Received Their Extra Dockets Yet?

    Mine updated, 7 dockets now
  11. Smokey_Badger

    Companion App Is Here

    I have like 13 scouts now, 3 are lvl 12 none are below 3 at the momen
  12. Smokey_Badger

    Companion App Is Here

    Mine is running great I have 2 lvl 9 2 lvl 8 and 2 lvl 4 scouts, raking in supplies lol
  13. based on your comments, I assume you purchased the game/season pass with mommy and daddys credit card? Ya pretentious douche
  14. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    companion app is badass for sureeee
  15. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    and I will more than gladly pay for them if they aren't free to everyone else lol
  16. Wow this forum is full of a s s holes, its Astonishing how little people care about their hard earned money. I wouldn't be suprised if those calling people whiney had their mom/dads credit card to foot the bill. Im seriously considering leaving this forum due to the recent flood of ill informed, ignorant, a s s holes. Oh don't forget arrogance because I've seen that by the truckload as well
  17. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    thats actually a really good analogy lol, I now get it, kind of. I still feel jipped, but I doubt it will be the last time I feel slighted in my life lmao thank you for the analogy But, I still feel that giving away 2 parts of a 3 part paid dlc is just F***ed up, I mean c'mon, Analogy:Bobby comes into class and tells everyone, 20 for 3 cookies, then since he ran out of cookies tells everyone he will have more tomorrow and instead of 20 for 3, anyone who didn't already get cookies gets 2 for free and only has to buy the 3rd one for $2
  18. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    you just aren't getting it, if ANYONE gets it free, it devalues it for others, I can hop into a game with those who got what I paid for, for free. How do u not get it? EU and USA can easily end up in the same lobby, it happens all the time dude
  19. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    why should I be punished for THEIR mistake, if u want to apologize thats fine, knock $ off the game or give more dockets, but to give something away for free that others pay for is a ripoff
  20. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    exactly. Why should pre orders in NA be punished due to a production error? Its bull s h i t
  21. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    in any game that goes online with other countries, the individual markets are irrelevant for things like this, I will be able to play with people from the EU just as easy as other americans, meaning I will still be playing in the same game as people who got the dlc I oaid for, for free. Which to me, devalues the dlc. Now, if EU and all of these other places were separate, then it would be different. But we all game together, therefore I am being slighted by the dlc being given to them for free, after all, why would I want to pay for something that some of my psn friends got for free?
  22. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    Heres an idea, dont be an a s s hole, your not getting my point, by ANYONE getting the two dlcs for free it devalues the season pass for others, im paying for dlc others are getting for free, how do you not understand that?
  23. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    Which is me, and im in north america. Im getting ripped off lol I paid $20 for 3 dlc, now everyone is getting 2 of those 3 for free, so I basically paid 20 for 1 dlc
  24. Nevermind, I just checked the site, I still only have 3
  25. I have 3, I would be happy with 2 extras lol, hell I'd be happy with 1 extra....but 5 or 6 extra would be niceeeeI found the answer in another thread, everyone receives 4 extra dockets