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    Possible Be The Zombie Mode Exploits?

    I doubt the ingredients will be game shattering lol, plus im sure there are other ways to acquire them
  2. Smokey_Badger

    Possible Be The Zombie Mode Exploits?

    How are you missing part of the single player? Your only missing out on multiplayer
  3. Smokey_Badger


    A bow and arrow to me is a must in order for it to feel "realistic", its the simplest and easiest to make ranged weapon. Its been in use since tools were invented, so its only reasonable that you would be able to craft one.
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    Any Ps4 Runners On This Forum?

  5. Smokey_Badger

    Coop Progress

    I hate when games make loot a free for all, every man for himself, finders keepers losers weepers type system, it literally destroys any chance of actual teamwork No one wants to work together if instead they can run around and grab all of the loot while others fight/distract the zombies
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    Dockets For Pre-Orderers Question

    I doubt they will be "o.p." for long, not to mention no weapons last forever, they break permanently eventually.
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    Playable Gender(S)

  8. So, what is this 4 pack deal im hearing about?