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    Bored Like ....a Fish Out Of Water

    I've been playin AC unity the past few days, prolly gonna play that until dying light. The parkour keeps me hyped for Dying light but it doesn't make me bored of zombies
  2. Smokey_Badger

    Grappling Hook

    American history X reference. ...winning
  3. Smokey_Badger

    Ideas For Future Dlc Content

    I would like to see the environment expanded upon, new areas, new quests/side quests and new enemies. Also a human v human 4v4 last of us style pvp mode would be pretty entertaining
  4. Smokey_Badger


    Im prolly gonna use one ASAP and then another around lvl 5, then save one for when im high level, im hoping for a knife or machete/sword
  5. Smokey_Badger

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    I apologize if it seemed I was grilling or crucifying you, I did not mean it that way. I was also unaware you were referring to pc, most pc games are standard with some manner of codes or mods from my experience, so it would probably be harmless.
  6. Smokey_Badger

    How Polished Is Dying Light?

    could you post a link? I just got unity a few days ago, it runs fine now lol im glad I got it late because now I get the dlc for free withiut the launch problems
  7. Smokey_Badger

    Possible Easter Egg

    This is in game? F**k yeah!!
  8. Smokey_Badger

    About Pre-Orders

    How the F do I link it to my system though?
  9. Smokey_Badger

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    Please god no cheat codes, I feel they ruin the concept of adapting to the game as you play and don't see how things like god mode could be fun
  10. Smokey_Badger

    How Exactly Works The Day/night Cycle

    7 minutes will seem like a long time when you are running for your life the whole time
  11. Smokey_Badger


    I can't guarantee it, but everything I've seen concerning the matter would indicate that, yes, you are correct sir
  12. Smokey_Badger

    Dying Light 30 Fps On Pc Is This True?

    Yeah, 60 fps is MORE than enough, most games still look great at 30fps if it is steady and at 1080p
  13. Smokey_Badger


    your right, the green ones are toads, low hp ranged infected that can climb. The bolter is certainly a seperate infected, from what I have seen/read they appear to be a decoy to draw you into large hordes
  14. Smokey_Badger

    Co Op Loot

    I probably wont play with anyone besides friends, in a game like this I feel its crucial to have a team structure, each person playing specific roles. I hate playing with a random who either thinks he is Rambo, is uncommitted to teamwork, or blatantly refuses any "orders/requests" from a teammate. Or god forbid I encounter a player without a mic.
  15. Smokey_Badger

    Dying Light 30 Fps On Pc Is This True?

    30 FPS, in 1080p should look fine, it will be smooth, as opposed to if it wasn't capped your fps could fluctuate, causing choppyness in your gameplay, I personally would rather see steady 30fps than continuous spikes and drops in frame rate
  16. Southern Comfort is my "poison" of choice lol
  17. Smokey_Badger

    Co Op Loot

    Hopefully it is shared, I wont play coop with anyone besides my cousin (if that) if loot is a "finders keepers" system, nothing worse than doing all of the work while some random guy runs around and grabs all the loot because you have the enemies distracted
  18. I doubt the devs have anything to do with the regional availability of their game.....
  19. Smokey_Badger


    same here, I have 2 days paid vacation 27th 28th lol
  20. Smokey_Badger


    I'm definitely getting dying light, its been pre ordered for awhile now, and I have to say im 100% hyped for co op, me and my cousin will certainly be shredding zombies on ps4, but we will of course need 2 more survivors. So who is playing on launch on PS4? My Tag is Smokey_Badger420, add me and let me know your from the forum if you want to survive together.
  21. Im not sure if that is a techland issue or perhaps the publisher, or perhaps even Taiwan itself
  22. Smokey_Badger

    Is Techland, Dying Light, - Holding Stuff Back ?

    Yeah, they re vamped the HUD and stamina systems, and as for the customization, it would appear leveling your respective power, agility and survival trees as well as your progression through the game itself is how you unlock new customization options
  23. Smokey_Badger

    Dying Light Dev Drops Last Gen Consoles

    Yeah, you shouldn't be attacked because of your frustration, but also, you should come to terms with the fact that this game is next gen only, it may be a sad time for you, but its time to upgrade if you want to remain on the upper echelon of gaming
  24. Smokey_Badger

    Season Pass

    Just read about the upcoming dlc for dying light #1(feb 2015) Cargo & Cuisine, new missions in heavily infested areas sealed during the earliest stages of infection. #2(TBA)Ultimate survival bundle,4 unique outfits (all of the pre order bonuses I assume) plus new blueprints and weapons #3 (TBA) The Bozak horde, Players are challenged to survive waves of brutal infected in a stadium run by an unknown psychopath, also adds new story elements. Im just gonna leave this here fir discussion
  25. By the way man, I figure since I learned it I may as well use it, Bitte tun Sie sich selbst einen Gefallen, und lernen Sie die korrekte Definition von Arroganz mein Freund. Mein Kommentar wurde möglicherweise beleidigend, aber sie war einfach nur dumm