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  1. I'm more curious as to how the "extra dockets" work lol
  2. Barbed wire bat named lucille, a red handled machete called the sheriffs promise. A samurai sword found near two armless/jawless zombies, and of course a crossbow called the Dixon lol
  3. Smokey_Badger

    Ninja Skin Being Retail Only Exclusive!? Wtf

    lol we just had this conversation on psn bro lol
  4. They specifically said that there will be new game + actually lol, they recommend 2 playthroughs to fill all skill trees
  5. Smokey_Badger

    Durability And Repair Of Pre-Order Weapons

    wat was the xbox store pre order outfit?
  6. Smokey_Badger

    Durability And Repair Of Pre-Order Weapons

    boom, this guy nailed it
  7. Smokey_Badger

    Respec Attributes Option?

    SO, bryan, that still is not "level 25 max level", if we are counting individual levels then the max "Level" would be 67, but like I said, there is no overall level
  8. Smokey_Badger

    Respec Attributes Option?

    I dont think there is a level, you level up each tree individually, and those trees have perks, each tree has 20 something levels.But no overall player level I don't believe
  9. Smokey_Badger

    Durability And Repair Of Pre-Order Weapons

    no problemo, I was wondering yesterday so I looked it up lol
  10. Smokey_Badger

    Durability And Repair Of Pre-Order Weapons

    The pre orders from gamestop are weapon blueprints. Not actual ready to use weapons
  11. lol finally someone else who understands business
  12. they did not lock a game mode out, sure you cant play as a night hunter, but you can still be invaded and get the blueprints/components from the night hunter. That said, im sure "be the zombie" will be released for everyone after a month or so, think of it as a test period to balance the game mode. And please stop acting like an entitled child
  13. Smokey_Badger

    Random Storms?!?!

    I would assume, their sight works just like ours I would assume lol
  14. Smokey_Badger

    Do Weapon Levels Match Player Level?

    Essentially, you dont level up, I mean. You DO level, but not as a whole, yiu only level 3 different skill trees and there is no traditional "Lvl". That being said I imagine there will be a way to quickly identify a players "rank"
  15. Smokey_Badger

    Read [Spoilers]

    only against cannibals lol plus I mean, c'mon you really didn't see that coming bro? You knew they would find it
  16. Smokey_Badger

    Random Storms?!?!

    Fog is gonna be perfect for stealth
  17. Smokey_Badger

    Read [Spoilers]

    if thats the case I will likely get it just for the XP then sell it, I hate stuff like thst, supposed to be a secret and literally everyone has and uses it lol
  18. Smokey_Badger

    Co Op Loot

    right? A mic is crucial to good teamwork, which seems like a must in this game
  19. Smokey_Badger

    Game Delay?

    EXPcalibur actually bro, it takes 3 minutes of holding the pick up button to retrieve, and grants 3000 experience points on retrieval. Its also a badass 2 handed sword
  20. Smokey_Badger

    Looking For Players On Ps4

    Im american but I've never played with someone from sweden, hit me up bro Smokey_Badger420 is my psn, lol n im 20 n will b 21 6 days after dying light launches in the us
  21. Smokey_Badger

    Coop Gameplay Video

    EXPcalibur perhaps?
  22. Smokey_Badger

    Game Delay?

    africa was listed as a whol3, so yes
  23. Smokey_Badger

    Blunt Or Bladed

    Which weapons do you guys Sorry, somehow my phone posted before I was done,which do you feel will be more effective? And why.Blunt or bladed weaponry,which do you prefer? Also, small and fast weapons such as knives, or larger heavier weapons like bats or swords, or even the largest, the two handed weapons.
  24. Smokey_Badger

    Any Single Player Save Game Feature?

    um, what? Of course you can save bro. I have a feeling I misunderstood this question though.
  25. Smokey_Badger

    Co-Op Partners!

    Im on ps4 as well, Smokey_Badger420 add me if ur down to smash zombies