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  1. Smokey_Badger

    Bows And Crossbows

    Kind of disappointing that there are no craftable bows, basically tells us, that crane can make flaming electrical swords out of scraps.....but cant make a simple bow? A lil silly if ya ask me lol, its a great game and I love it, but there are certainly a few minor issues present
  2. Smokey_Badger

    Destiny Loot Cave Easter Egg

    I found it early, on accident, its very cool, but a little disappointing, not in its damage or use, but its relatively easy to find and breaks very very very quickly.
  3. Smokey_Badger

    Too Much To Ask That 'x' Be Jump?

    I think its great, just requires a little adapting. Standard fps controls would have made it extremely difficult to maintain fast movement while deciding where to run/jump to next
  4. Smokey_Badger

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    I feel the night hunter is weak, be the zombie mode needs sone tweaks, every time I have been invaded me and my partner have been able to completely dominate the night hunter with minimal deaths, then they quit before we actually "win". The night hunter needs a stamina buff for sure, and uv light range% battery life needs to be nerfed.
  5. Smokey_Badger

    No Dockets?

    I have my pre order weapons pack, but no dockets available to turn in to the quartermaster? Wtf lol
  6. Smokey_Badger

    Usa Countdown!

    Almost just 4 hours left (Ny)
  7. Smokey_Badger

    Has Anyone Received Their Extra Dockets Yet?

    Mine updated, 7 dockets now
  8. Smokey_Badger

    Companion App Is Here

    I have like 13 scouts now, 3 are lvl 12 none are below 3 at the momen
  9. Smokey_Badger

    Companion App Is Here

    Mine is running great I have 2 lvl 9 2 lvl 8 and 2 lvl 4 scouts, raking in supplies lol
  10. based on your comments, I assume you purchased the game/season pass with mommy and daddys credit card? Ya pretentious douche
  11. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    companion app is badass for sureeee
  12. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    and I will more than gladly pay for them if they aren't free to everyone else lol
  13. Wow this forum is full of a s s holes, its Astonishing how little people care about their hard earned money. I wouldn't be suprised if those calling people whiney had their mom/dads credit card to foot the bill. Im seriously considering leaving this forum due to the recent flood of ill informed, ignorant, a s s holes. Oh don't forget arrogance because I've seen that by the truckload as well
  14. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    thats actually a really good analogy lol, I now get it, kind of. I still feel jipped, but I doubt it will be the last time I feel slighted in my life lmao thank you for the analogy But, I still feel that giving away 2 parts of a 3 part paid dlc is just F***ed up, I mean c'mon, Analogy:Bobby comes into class and tells everyone, 20 for 3 cookies, then since he ran out of cookies tells everyone he will have more tomorrow and instead of 20 for 3, anyone who didn't already get cookies gets 2 for free and only has to buy the 3rd one for $2
  15. Smokey_Badger

    Devs Please Read

    you just aren't getting it, if ANYONE gets it free, it devalues it for others, I can hop into a game with those who got what I paid for, for free. How do u not get it? EU and USA can easily end up in the same lobby, it happens all the time dude