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  1. L7Diro

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    Support/ranged spellcaster. Healing, buffs, control.
  2. L7Diro

    Flails A Must Have

    I would love to see a flail in the game, I would never use it because it's not my style but I love when games have a huge amount of weapons to choose from.
  3. L7Diro


    I would have to imagine they are going to put in a few different types of monsters. Skeletons are just for starters I would bet. There are countless types of demons they could add but I think bandits might not make it in because it's not really a "from hell" themed mob. Hell I could be wrong, I usually am.
  4. L7Diro

    Playing With Others Not Friends

    From what I've read there should be. I've read that they want to put in a central hub for everyone to probably trade/sell/bank/socialize but other than that there will probably be some kind of queue to get into the dungeons. Also I would imagine if you started a multiplayer game by yourself others would be able to join in on the fly to fill the spaces or if a person drops mid dungeon they can be replaced. I'm sure they will have a window showing which games are in progress with the number of players and difficulty that are in your level range.
  5. L7Diro

    Hellraid 2015?

    I think early - mid 2015 is high hopes. They said they are rebuilding and expanding content on the new engine. The rebuilding part doesn't seem too bad but adding new content will take some time especially to work bugs out. Besides that think of all the things they look at on the forums the we have suggested putting in. Adding a female character, animations, voice overs, all new armor, and weapons to match would push the date back by a huge amount. I'm going with q4 2015 or 2016. I hope it's not the latter.
  6. L7Diro

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    God I hope. I've been waiting for a good game for years.
  7. L7Diro

    Consequences Of Dying

    Yes, and most people are smart enough to bank all the time which leaves almost exclusively your exp to be hit. 15% could almost be considered nothing depending on how fast leveling is and how many levels there are. See this guy like millions of other players I'm sure are frightened by the idea until he saw numbers, 15 and 10% for loss and then accepted it. On the ps3 the game Dungeon Hunter: Alliance had a percent of money loss on death. You get money so fast that it hardly mattered.
  8. L7Diro

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Looks like a 2016 release eh?!?!
  9. L7Diro

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    That's a great idea, it must be so annoying for all the left handed people. Wonder how much time and resources it would take to make this happen.
  10. L7Diro

    Consequences Of Dying

    I sure hope there is. It is supposed to be used as a learning tool, not a punishment. Perma death is punishment lol. I think everyone has had their hands held for so long by wow that devs are scared to put any kind of consequence in. I come from eq where you lose exp and your corpse left to be looted. Anyhow I think simply losing a slight amount of exp percent per lvl couldn't hurt but sting enough to make you learn from a mistake or stop people from using respawn tactics to kill a boss.
  11. L7Diro

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I just have to say you guys are awesome for replying to the community and consistently at that. I'm so excited for Hellraid. I read through most of this thread so my apologies if these have been brought up before. 1. I think adding in obstacles that require teamwork should be a must for this type of game. (Crappy example)Player A has to hold the latch for his party to get through the gate, then player B holds the latch for player A to get through on the other side. This is the most simple example but more complex puzzles/obstacles like this makes everyone feel that much more apart of a team. 2. For players who like to spend all their points into one tree and play a very specific role I think they should have special options. If so.eone wants to play rogue and they spend all their points into agility I believe they should have access to abilities like passive backstabbing, picking pockets, and picking locks. Otherwise it just feels like you're playing a low defense warrior. Each tree could have similar abilities that give them a true character development feeling. 3. Let there be raiding. It even says it in the name. Please give us the ability to rally a larger group of people in an effort to push back the demon spawn and close the gates of hell in an all out epic battle for earth. Make it the most challenging and rewarding part of your game.