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    Exploits, Broken Game, Reporting PS4

  2. sharksaysso

    Exploits, Broken Game, Reporting PS4

    If the game is still being sold by the company support is always provided. I have talked with their support team and they are still supporting it and are reviewing the information I forwarded. Bugs are one thing, exploits are another.
  3. How could this company not fix so many exploits and errors? Seriously? This game has so many exploits and errors that makes gameplay unmatched and truly unfair in soo many ways. I have read multiple threads across numerous platforms and one thing I come across is that you as a company have barely fixed any of them. Great game! Rework the whole BTZ into its own platform and game. Exploits and errors do nothing but create an unbalanced and unfair game to those trying to play against them. As the developer you should fix them! Yes I know! People will always try and cheat! At least give the option to report them! You dont! Instead I have to go across multiple 3rd party platforms to do it. And the same players using them to cheat are still allowed to play? This is YOUR game! Own up to it! We have to police ourselves which is enough but if nothing can come from the developers end, How are we suppossed to enjoy the game? Feel free to PM Techland!