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  1. Guns are limited. 5 guns in the whole game. The only reasoning for this I can think of is to keep the focus on melee, fair enough. But I've done everything in the game now and I'm max level and all I can find is a tiny selection of bladed weapons. This needs to be addressed. As does the small selection of firearms at my disposal and the ability to mod them. Also I think it was a huge wasted opportunity to not offer lots more one of a kind weapon rewards for quests. Think about fallout 3, collecting the unique weapons kept that game exciting for years. My next issue/idea is regarding level cap, somehow not seeing that exp bar filling up anymore, knowing I'm not working towards any new skills has been a huge blow on my motivation to play. If Techland added new skills to unlock I'd definitely pay for them and dump another good 60 hours into the game. Please don't take this as a complaint, I'm really happy with the game we've got, but things are starting to get stale and these few things would drastically bump up the fun factor. Let me also add that I'm SO over the time it takes to lock pick a chest then watch the opening animation. Please add some skills regarding lock picking. I have no idea why this wasn't already included but something along the lines of immediately picking easy, medium, hard and very hard locks as you dump more skill points into the respected tree.
  2. JeZuS

    All Weapon Variety Lost At 25?

    Bump, agreed. Every weapon class should stay around right through the progression of the game with end game weapons just being better variants. I haven't used a baseball bat since the very early hours of the game and I think it was probably my favourite way to kill zeds.
  3. Blows my mind that they didn't include a zombie infested prison with heaps of the undead in orange jump suits. Every zombie apocolypse needs a prison.
  4. Oh is that the reason for no shadow? Well that's a good point the legs in this game look really good. Check out 32 seconds in.
  5. JeZuS

    [Spoiler Alert] The Gunsmith... :(

    Kyle Crane even teased by saying 'a silencer could be useful' WHY WOULD TECHLAND DO THAT.
  6. In gameplay trailers and videos I saw a wall run move that looked awesome. I also thought that the grappling hook could pull enemies down from rooftops and ledges? (Pretty sure a dev actually said that) I've tried heaps of times to aim at human enemies with a gun and they don't react, they just try to kill me. Apparently you could bash your weapon on a metal surface and lure undead. In videos the character you play as has a shadow. In the actual game you don't have a shadow but everyone else does (wtf?) This isn't exactly the same thing but I wish after completing the game the airdrops in the slums would start again, that is a really fun part of the game gone.
  7. JeZuS

    Hardcore Mode/ Prestiges

    I'd love it if after reaching max level you could trade in each of the skills you have unlocked in return for a corresponding unique 1 of a kind item or something. Like legendary loot that you could put in your stash. Like say you trade in drop attack, you get a special hammer called 'face smasher' lol or if you trade in the slide skill you got a club called 'knee capper' obviously this would never happen but it'd be cool for bragging rights haha
  8. How do I read all the notes and battle journals that I'm picking up? The game is new out and I can't find out how on the internet.
  9. JeZuS

    Using Guns...oddly Satisfying

    Me too, I only wish there were more variety!
  10. LOVE THIS GAME. This is the first truly next gen experience I've had on the new consoles, as soon as you get free running adept and things start becoming natural, you feel like the ultimate badass. Amazing combat, beautiful massive world, incredible parkour system. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this game without even reaching old town yet! I love The unique feel you get when playing a Techland game and this has perfected the formula.
  11. JeZuS

    Sniper Rifle?

    There was a bolt action rifle in dead island riptide, looked just like an M40A3. I had so much fun with that gun..... Hope we get one in Dying Light.
  12. JeZuS

    Techland: Will You Please Patch In...?

    1. I second the FX options. 2. I'm really happy with this game so please Make it a platform for a while and keep building onto it, don't just write it off and move onto the next project. Keep us supplied with new weapons etc to keep things fresh. 3. I second the colour options. Now don't get me wrong at times this game looks gorgeous. I was on the tower roof at night and was truly blown away by the lighting and shadows being cast by the moon etc, but unfortunately there are times when the entire game looks like a bronze haze. It's super bland and not easy on the eye at all. (Mind you it would still probably be okay of not for it snowing 24/7 what even is that stuff supposed to be?) There are plenty more things id obviously like but if Techland addresses these 3 things I'll be super satisfied and will definitely be ranking this among my favourite games of all time.
  13. JeZuS

    Review: Dying Light

    Wow that was an awesome read, thankyou for taking the time to do that. I want to also agree and add that they simply MUST remove that particle effect, I swear it's actually starting to mess with my eyes when I'm constantly scanning the distance. Do you think removing it could actually increase performance?