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  1. When I first got the game for some reason I struggled to get into it, but stick with it because its great. There's loads of hidden weapons and Easter eggs, cool characters and a compelling story. The combat is just the right amount of challenging for me, but most if it can be avoided if you use the distractions on zombies and utilise the environment around you to your advantage. Going out at night (moon lamp) is daunting at first but skill gain is doubled, so if you don't want to fight you can just keep out of the cones of vision on the map and do lots of free running around a safe zone. I'm not going to talk much about the story... Just don't get too attached to anyone. You play as Crane, an agent sent in to the exclusion zone to find a man who has documents valuable to the G.R.E, the company he works for. He goes undercover and starts trying to find this man, falling in with a group of survivors who save him from dying immediately on landing. Definitely worth buying, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.