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  1. mrpeter

    Here Is How I Have Fun,how About You

    Just having fun...
  2. mrpeter

    No More 1H Kills

    I love 1Hkills, why wouldent i :-) But for the hardcore just make a new game version where your the player gain all skills...but never any hitpoint . - you are allways level 1 and every thing else changes.
  3. mrpeter

    Dl Has Ruined Other Fps For Me.

    Well im not even finished yet :-) but i dont feel ruinded - DI just stands on its own as a Great Awesome game.
  4. mrpeter

    Thanks Techland - Sincere

    Nice :-) almost thought i was the only one not having finished the game yet :-)
  5. Well :-) if it has some depth to it !! Also it just need to be fun !!
  6. mrpeter

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    I just wantez to say, its a great tread & subject :-) Im intrerested in what a gold weapon look like, not from a trailer - but one, found by a "real player" Keep up the great work
  7. Just finished my first Quarantine zone :-) Great fun !! - some random thoughts here: i had no idear what it was, but great mood with the music, i had to find 5 boxes. It was kind of a cellar,crypt with a electricuted swimming pool, and bar areas.... fun fact..the was really no zombies in the beginning, and while i was looking behind the bar started raining zombies....:-) Their fell from the second floor, as the crashed trough glass windows.... Are the Quarantine zones randomized in some sort, i belive i heard that some part of dying lights map was randomized....hmmm may be that was dead island... Also i saw my first screamer....i have play enough games to know what the point draw in more zombies....but FREAKING GREAT EFFECTS !! love it Dont think i got any special gear/stuff just the same as outside
  8. mrpeter

    Better Switching Of Weapons On Console?

    I belive that on the xbox, you have the option to hold x for longer time to change weapon too :-)
  9. Man there is way to many haters.... I love this game, so far is perfect - it fun, a bit scary and great systems in the game !! Maybe more game forums should divide there forum in - - i have problems - and - i dont have problems - Its a shame we - the people who like Dying Light - dont have a nice place to be happy about dying light. Also i respect the problems... ijust dont wanna read about them all the time.. also im on xbox one - and have not had a singme problem yet
  10. So be nice, stay on topic :-) I died on a balcony caught between 2 zombies....bad luck....just plain bad luck :-) ......almost got caught in a bus...befor that....that was fun !! Great scene
  11. Hi, from denmark Great game so far, it got the right feeling and mood :-)
  12. Thanks :-) denmark - just started playing - the game feels right :-)
  13. mrpeter

    What Type Of Survivor Are You?

    Im not going to say much, but apart from Dying light being a, just pretend this is not ;-) So What Survivor Are You? Gender: Male Type of Movement - Fast, above normal reflexes, but dead lazy - Worker, every chupacabra day of my life. Melee Preferences - Swords, well, anything with reach !! Weaponry/Gun Choise - Handguns, - we are moving baby !! , lets not go big, but go fast Max 3 Gadget Choise - A Good Book, A Bible, And some kind of German army knife, made in one piece Prefered Stance/Job - To lead the weak, and survive... Way At Night - Indoors, hiding ..ohh and sleeping well ;-),- why not ? *If you don't know if Hostile* Human Encounters - Non Lethal Weaponry/Recruitment, We are alle frinds, and i ALLWAYS say Hi !! *If Set up in a Team* Team Class - What ever is needed, im your man ;-) Proffession - Lets say, with hands, drawing and some other skills ;-) Length - 1.88 Meters *In real life* Prefered Clothes - Jeans + Belt Torso - T-Shirt/Works Jacket Head - None Feet - Steel toed Toe-Shoes, worker Explorer: Alone/Team - Alone Prefered Weapon Mod - High Voltage Enemy Focus - Anything thats deadly Fear - free sky diving/drops - hates rollecoaters Emotion - Say what ? So Who are you?
  14. What would be a great game to play before Dying Light, ??? , i would not play a zombie game and then go straight into dying light, hmmm may be barbies horse riding adventures ;-)