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  1. soichiro

    [Dying Light] DLC

    Is it possible to create a DLC that changes the Behavior of Dying Light ? I would like to add the following: (story mode) 1- When the player dies, it loses all his equipment and some experience points. The only way to get the equipment back, is to go back when the player died. 2- If the player dies twice in a row, before getting back his equipment, the player will lose randomly and permanently few item from the lost equipment, plus it will lose more experience points. 3- I would like also to change the sound effects of the zombies and the audio tracks. Is this possible? Is so, is the Developer Tool enough for achieving this? Could someone please let me know?
  2. soichiro

    [Linux] Developer Tools

    Hello Techland, I am writing to you because I was wondering if you are planning to release the Developer Tools for Linux because if you do, I will go ahead and buy Dying Light this instance. Please let me know.