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  1. I am new to farming simulators. I don't know the following: How do you get rid of mow garbage left in the field when u mowed grain? What do I do with the rest/left over/to much fertilizer in my pickup?
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    Some random questions

    I'm using this header: gomselmash palesse GS575
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    Some random questions

    I'm not using the plow for Harvesting... lol. Just telling in case ur wondering Im using the harvest header you get for free when starting up 'my first farm'. The same one which I used for harvesting grain. I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.
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    Some random questions

    Thanks for your reply & answering my questions. The harvester header I have, doesn't pickup the barley. So I guess it's the wrong header. For newcomers to farming games as me, it's still a big '???' to see all the tools and machinary. It would be great if a more detailed and newbieproof description would show something like this; this header is ideal for barley, grain, potatoes.... I'm stuck in the game because I don't know what header to use to harvest the barley. My current header does nothing when I drive over the barley.
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    Some random questions

    Thanks for your reply. I didn't find my answer in the guide. What I also can't find is how I know that I am buying the right tool. I am on a side mission where I have to harvest a barley field. But when I go to the equipment store, I don't know what header I have to buy. Please help