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  1. Every single day I want to play dying light and enjoy my time, I face these Hackers. its really unavoidable these days and every single game I join has at least one of these in it. I don't know why the developers are not doing anything about it. is it really that hard that you can't just make it safe from hackers like other games? you were able to add Vac Security, why not make it enabled by default? I'm sure this video is not gonna do anything or change the game, but one thing I'm sure of; is if you won't fix this game you will follow telltale footsteps. You're future game will fail and forget about people buying Dying Light 2, after the failure developers showed in dying light. P.S: don't tell me to activate Vac Security because one, there are modes work with Vac on, and two, no one plays with Vac on. Peace Dying_Light_10_22_2018_10_52_46_PM.mp4