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  1. ramyjackson

    Do not know what happened

    I was playing dlc was in middle to gathering quest when i died i loaded in tower and it is asking me to do awakening mission again plz help https://downloader.vip/rightmove/ https://downloader.vip/kijiji/ https://downloader.vip/quizlet/
  2. ramyjackson

    Best Weapon Mod?

    I've wondered this for a while and I've pretty much tried every weapon mod. I really like Discharger and Bad Hangover, but I want to know which one is objectively more efficient at killing https://downloader.vip/ccleaner/ https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/
  3. As the title states, when is it coming out? I mean fully, since its going to be FTP when its released https://www.minimilitia.mobi/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/
  4. ramyjackson

    tBest Weapon Mod?

    I've wondered this for a while and I've pretty much tried every weapon mod. I really like Discharger and Bad Hangover, but I want to know which one is objectively more efficient at killinghttps://inro.in/showbox/ https://inro.in/mobdro/ https://inro.in/tutuapp/
  5. After the horrible to non-existent modding support of Dying Light 1 and change of Techlands 2011 policy - with Dead Island release - how will the Dying Light 2 case will be? Again the same bs you can't touch nothing, languages, sounds, models, textures... Why did you do this to a good game... Modding died 2 weeks after release. Explain this!https://discord.software/ https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/ https://downloader.vip/itunes/
  6. The first time I got the excalibur it had a huge impact mod (hidden of course) and now since I recrafted it all it does is shock people. This is unfortunate because even when it was broken it was still good for zombie golf.Akinator Xender Kik
  7. So I got the game Dying Light: The Following and while I have to run it in low resolution to increase performance, it's fine. Now the sound for the dialogue and music is all there but the sound for the doors, attacks, fireworks, etc are all muted! Does anyone know a way to fix it? Thanks!https://downloader.vip/minecraft-pocket-edition/ https://downloader.vip/counter-strike/ https://downloader.vip/google-play-services/
  8. ramyjackson

    Story progress messed up

    I have played through the game two times with friends and both times at a certain time in the playthrough my progress hasn't been saved. This never happened to my friends. Does anyone know how to fix this? VidMate AnyDesk https://mobdro.onl/
  9. ramyjackson

    Stuck as night hunter

    Even if I try joining friends, clicking continue or selecting the following I stay as night hunger. Only when I choose the normal campaign will I be playing the normal gamehttps://cleanmaster.me/ https://facebooklite.vip/ https://mathway.vip/
  10. ramyjackson

    Looking to play co-op PS4

    I've just finished The Following, and I'm looking to replay a co-op campaign now. I haven't played co-op yet, so looking to experience that. I'm PS4, EU region.https://subwaysurfers.vip/ https://psiphon.vip/ https://hillclimbracing.vip/
  11. Im in the mission where we have to set Fireworks (Old Town, mission with michael to send a message). When meeting Michael, I had a scene where Crane had a seizure...Then after that, I was stuck in that state. I can't see clearly, everything's under this yellow/green tilt, and each hit from my weapon takes ALL my energy. How do I fix this? My save point is in the hotel now, so I just load in, get overrun, die, repeat. I can get out if I was at my normal self, but since each attack takes all my energy, I can't fight my way out EDIT: Turns out I got stuck in the mode because I started the next event too soon. If you're in a weakened state from a seizure, just wait till it wears off, then talk to someone for the next mission. I talked to Michael while I was still weakened, which made me stuck in the weakened state...once I redid it, I just waited for the weakness to wear off and I was able to continue normally. VidMate AnyDesk https://mobdro.onl/download/
  12. ramyjackson

    Docket site login failed

    So i tried to log in on the dying light docket redeem site today but it gave me an error message saying my account hasn’t been verified yet and i have to search the link in my mail. However, it is not possible that my acount isn’t verified because i have logged in many times and have redeemed many codes over time. I’ve already tried to re-use the verify link i dug up in my mail but it doesn’t work either. Anyone with the same problem? https://downloader.vip/ccleaner/ https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/
  13. ramyjackson

    Help doing the Bozak Horde?

    Im definitely not the best at the game, and really want the compound bow so if you're up for the challenge message me, username is PureD3S01AT10Nhttps://downloader.vip/minecraft-pocket-edition/ https://downloader.vip/counter-strike/ https://downloader.vip/google-play-services/
  14. Need a reporting system to report people teaming. You stand no chance if two people gang up on you and its happened to me several times. I can see the game dying if we don't solve this issue soon. VidMate AnyDesk https://mobdro.onl/download/
  15. ramyjackson

    Balancing Changes (

    In my opinion the Be the Zombie is extremely unbalanced especially for solo players the flaw throw time takes to long especially on console when you can aim at the floor fast and the night hunter has counters to all of your abilities plus the abilities are very broken allowing the night hunter to pounce and tackle through walls at time and if the night hunter is directly above you and pounces you it’s almost impossible to look up in time and even the hunter is killed while you are being pounced you still dieUC browser SHAREit MX player