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    Squirreling away issue

    Well I figured out the squirrel in away issue, the game says collect 100 tons, well in America that would be 200,000 lbs. By other countries it would be 224,000 lbs. Because 2240 lbs equals a ton and America it's 2000 lbs. Big difference when you are talking 100 tons
  2. Jeff Bradley

    Squirreling away issue

    I have collected over 200,000 lbs of wheat, and this trophy does not pop, maybe I could help, advice on what to do, could I get more details on the requirements cor this accomplishment, also this is another trophy issue, I started three new files to get all the sapphires, aggregation set in so I googled the locations restarted and still cannot find all sapphires, one save file I have found certain ones and another save file, cannot find others what is up with this, please help, love the game but becoming sorry I purchased