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  1. cryb0


    add a duo option and save this game please. idk if you've noticed but its been on the decline for a while cant find one person streaming this game at any time of day, which is sad for a game this fun to play and watch. idk if you are planning it already this definitely isnt the first time you've been asked about co-op, but if you are please say something. not even sure if you guys read these forums to be honest, but if you do please share.
  2. it seems theres a chance my weapon will dissapear if it kills the target. not sure if this is part of the game or a bug
  3. cryb0

    ranked matches

    my guess is that they will be available with the full release whenever that is am i correct?
  4. cryb0

    Bad Blood Updates/Next Updates

    there is a bug that doesnt allow you to pick up armor patches from the spitter zombies