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    Make the pistol a revolver so that the accuracy and rpm is slower. This open up accuracy and skill for those with good aim instead of spamming them in your face. Shotguns need to be nerfed or removed. Make it appear in other modes such as Duos when the game has come that far.
  2. Hello! I was having a big issue when it comes to selecting the items I wanted from the loot crate. All it takes to select an item is by clicking on them once or even just hovering over them slightliy while clicking the ''OK''. This made me select the wrong items in several occations. Pressing them once to see what they are is not a thing, this happened the first time I was opening. I also did not notice that it said select one of the items. So thinking that I got what the items where in the chest I kept opening them and after a while I started noticing I didnt have the items. Then in my next opening I was hovering over the items I wanted and pressed ''OK''. Then I went on and checked a recoding I did of the video and I found out something. Hovering over the item was really inconsistent. The ''OK'' button was really close to the item above so it selected the item I was holding over the last. The easy fix: Add something like: Are you sure you want the item you selected? Press ''OK'' This feature is already in the game for when you want to select your outfits and other cosmetics for the character you want to use. A mis-click is all it take for you to select another item. I feel like I was being robbed from the items I wanted. Another thing. Why would you only be allowed one of the items? You bought the crate, and then you're given an option to select only one? This is not a healty way of doing loot crates. When you buy a crate, you should own what's inside of it. Not to mention how expensive it is to open them for the price of only one cosmetic. I did this purely to support the game, but I feel like I got less in return. What do you guys think of this? Do you feel like the system robs you by making you select only 1 of the items?