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  1. 1 minute ago, Pete Donnelly said:

    There was an issue with elemental compounding and doing too much damage in some situations...I was unable to tune these cases appropriately.  I did bring back poison though.  It should work on nests and the hunter.   Oh...and thrown weapons.  Those were nullified by accident and brought back as well :) (got lumped in with the elemental previously)

    That's great! Also there's one thing I noticed while playing as hunter; Hunters have survivor sense too now. I use the default controls so when I press Q I pounce, but it now also triggers survivor sense. Which is also bind to Q if I was playing survivor.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Pete Donnelly said:

    Alright everyone should get these changes next time they boot up DL:

    Damage values assuming 1v1, 2v1

    1. Bow damage returned to 3 hits (they got lumped in with the crossbow previously)
    2. Crossbow damage 4 hits 
    3. Hunter "sprint turning" change removed
    4. Disabled DFA when Hunter is swimming (note: Hunter can still get grabbed when using tendrils in water)
    5. Toxic spit damage lowered (still higher than pre-patch)
    6. Smoke grenade no longer works as a flare
    7. Buggy Flamethrower damage increased vs Hunter

    There was indeed an issue with the "insta-tackle" fix.  It should be resolved in the next patch.

    Also, changes are made based on the combination of these 3 things (they don't always line up):

    1. Stats we collect on all aspects of BTZ (including win/loss rates across specific skill levels and all variations of the game, 1v1, 4v1 etc.)
    2. Community feedback
    3. Our own personal experiences 

    And just an FYI (if it makes some of you feel better) I personally have 1000s of hours BTZ experience across consoles and PC... along with helping to design the game from the start of production.   And I still play it... I haven't stopped... ;)

    This is nice! I still play a lot too, hopefully this will work out better. Recently after testing with friends we found out that insta tackle still worked at some close distances (hunter's failed tackle got shortened by a wall or object and human was close)

    Also DFA's still worked when the hunter was just floating at the surface of water and even underwater? Hopefully that is fixed too now.

    Also, can you perhaps explain to me why the elemental damage is basically nullified? 

  3. I can confirm this bug is still present on PC even though it has been reported numerous times. Doesn't take twenty minutes and the video might exaggerate a bit to make its case, but this is indeed frustrating for BtZ players to have to face this so frequently.

    It does not 20 minutes indeed, that was put in for comedic effect. But still, this sometimes occurs after every match. Which is insane and should be fixed.

  4. This is such, the game is at it's current state pretty balanced. I play this mode a lot, 580 hours into the game now, I play both human and night hunter, and I win 90% of all matches. The only thing they need to fix is the annoying telebombers and the annoying message poping up asking if you want to continue with invasions on or not 10 chupacabra times.

  5. NightHunterOutfit.png



    • Bulletproof mask, because who wants Night Hunter claw-marks on their face?
    • Bulletproof vest, so you can still breathe easily after you've been tackled.
    • Military-grade wrist watchwaterproof and with radium dials!
    • Military-grade boots, for running countless miles comfortably.
    • Waterproof flashlight, nothing special really.
    • A black shirt to match the outfit, stretchy material for easy movement.
    • Military-grade gloves, so your hands won't bleed after climbing all those buildings.
    • ​Black cargo pants with knee pads, so you can keep making those zombie heads explode without any pain and/or knee damage!

    That's all, of course this outfit is just an aesthetic item that doesn't add any extra's or better stats to your character.


    I would love to play against Night Hunters in this outfit. I hope the developers see this and say what they think. On top of that, feel free to say what you like and dislike about this.

  6. Ground-pound is definitely the most difficult to dodge, but I have definitely seen players who avoid mine every time (even with maxed out range). And its those players that if I miss, I'm dead guaranteed.


    Have you tried doing a UV heal after a miss? In the case of a 1v1 this is very useful. You might notice that when you miss a ground pound, there is this short moment, (Most of the times) where the recovery is done, but the human still hits you before/while you jump or tendril away. In this moment you can UV heal quick enough to not die, this not only heals you, but also restores your stamina which gives you the opportunity to pounce them while they're hitting you. When humans are hitting you, they will most likely not use their UV flashlights because they are pressing the attack button constantly even when you heal, so when you have stamina you can pounce them and get a kill. (Of course experienced players will notice this tactic and use UV, but UV heal after a missed GP can save your life in some cases!) - (I hope you understand my explanation :lol:)



    UV block is very useful, but often times you need to put together a series of attacks in order to defend a nest and you fail (which is fair), but I think its ridiculous that as the NH sometimes you must just sit and wait for everything to recharge because going in without UV block/spits is suicidal. Flying around trying to distract often does nothing, especially against more than 1, since one attacks the nest and the other UV protects. 


    I would suggest you change the way you look at this, many experienced hunters keep attacking you even if they don't have any spits or shields, waiting of course is bad for your nests, so you should not only look at how long it takes before your spits are back, but also look at your health. If your health is max (which seems to recover pretty quick now,) you can still keep trying to land GP and tackles with combination of claw attacks. This will keep the survivor(s) busy while you're recharging your spits. Once you take on hit, you have to watch out for people who use 2H weapons because if you miss a tackle or GP in that case, you'll most likely end up dead.



    I've tried this method many times, and the NH ground pound cool-down (even after a successful one) often is too long to properly land a spit. By the time you spit, unless you get lucky and move your cursor up just enough and hit them right off the bat, they will recover and jump away BEFORE the spit explodes. This has happened to me TOO many times.


    Another useful tactic which you probably already tried (But I am going to say it anyway just in case) is to spit and tackle or pounce right afterwards. Humans in a PVP-grab state can't jump away and will get hit!



    Buggy tackle often does more damage to you than to the human, since most humans have the electric cage which automatically engages if you tackle. And tendril sprint isn't enough to catch up, but rather it simply keeps pace if you're going in a straight line.


    It could be because I have all skill unlocked and active, but Night Hunters are faster then buggies. (Unless they use nitrous) Unfortunately the difference in speed is so small, one mistake and you'll see them again once they've stopped for their next nests. I would say this is should be easier for a hunter to catch up to a car. Like I said before: "What would actually be a good feature is to give the night hunter the ability to use their tendrils on the buggies, pulling themselves towards the buggies really quick! And to balance this to the humans, humans can get the tendrils of their buggies by using the electric cage or perhaps the UV lights on their car."



    And I'm not trying to say that the healing is OP for the humans, but simply we need SOMETHING upgraded since they got something upgraded. The basics of the game-mode seem to say that the NH should be favored in all matches if you are evenly skilled. I feel like I'm as good of a NH as any other, but higher skilled humans often dodge EVERY attack I have and force me to wait, either killing me or killing the nest in the process. It isn't more power I want, but strategies that don't involve me running in head first to my death against good players.


    The only thing I would balance here is that when players have the ability to instantly heal because of their difficulty level, Hunters should have way shorter recharge times for spits/shields and especially health. On other difficulty levels which have no instant healing the balance is fine.



    I really like your idea about the survivor sense. I always thought it should be a spot feature rather than a constant usage feature. Much like in Battlefield 4 where you spot someone and they stay spotted on the minimap for 15 seconds or so before going away. If you spam the spot button it has a cooldown. Howl I think is more necessary for the hunter, since it isn't easy to see where humans are with the poor vision and hearing the hunter has (especially when injured)


    It would actually make a lot more sense if the Hunter got that spot feature. Because the scream/howl is like an echolocation.

    "Echolocating animals emit calls out to the environment and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near them. They use these echoes to locate and identify the objects"


    But of course because of balancing reasons, if only humans got this feature, it wouldn't be that bad, it would actually be alright and actually make it a more horrifying experience. In addition to that, if the hunter screams/howls, the humans should see a white (or another color) glow on the edge of their minimap to see from which direction the scream/howl came.



    That's it for now, I would say this gamemode is pretty balanced at it's current state though, because as human and hunter I win almost every match. Even though I play human much more, as a hunter I am doing great too.  :D


    I've posted this in a few forums in hopes that people might respond to give their opinion on how to fix the night hunter game mode, but no one has.  I'm hoping to get some input because I think these are legitimate options to help balance the game without making one side more powerful than the other.  I know this is a long post, but I would REALLY like your input.


    I believe I've targeted a few problems that make playing as the NH against experienced human players VERY difficult, and given solutions that don't make impossible for newer or less experienced human players.  I don't believe that ALL of these mechanics need to be added to make the game balanced, but I believe that some can change the dynamic enough (while others just make the game more fun and give it more play-ability)


    Problem: Most good human players have mastered the "complete" dodge, (can dodge pounce, tackle, ground-pound, AND spits) leaving the NH vulnerable and without any good attacks to take down the enemy.

    Solution: Give failed pounces a damage amount.  This would give you SOME advantage for sneaking up behind and grabbing them quickly (even if its blocked in the end), and I think its not unfair to say if you do that 3 times and they haven't healed that you can knock them unconscious like 3 successful tackles.  This also gives the NH an attack that CANNOT be blocked for once.  Much like the drop-kick or death-from-above on the human side, this would do high damage, but require multiple contacts to kill.


    Problem: If you are playing an experienced player or ANY player if there are 2+ people in the lobby, coming in close to kill someone can often turn the hunter into the hunted.  It doesn't take long after a failed pounce/tackle/ground-pound to UV the energy away from a NH making it impossible to escape and keep going.  This doesn't even make sense because the ENTIRE game mode is based off the fact that the humans are meant to be scared of the NH and something they try to push away while they complete the objective, not something that is worth finding and killing with their UV-melee combos to destroy the nest (which at this point I think is the most viable strategy for winning as the human).

    Solution: Make the NH jump and/or sprint (which is much higher and faster than humans) immune to low-energy.  Especially on this one I would like your input.  I believe that with this game mechanic you can actually do a lot to nerf the NH.  Players have the chance to stay alive more and live to fight another day, but vulnerable enough they need to retreat and recharge.  This might make going from no-energy to low energy a longer wait time, during which spits don't regenerate, and you have to stay still to make it happen (much like how the health regeneration feature works on the NH now).


    Problem: Spits are hard to land, especially on maps where side jumping is very easy because its very open (the country) and where many things get in your way vertically (the slums and old town).  With the recharge speed the way it is (which I think is fair seeing as TOO quick recharge would make the NH more powerful) this makes it difficult to use these to actually land, which IF you do they have safety nets to protect themselves (ie-get high to avoid bombers and throw down flares to prevent pounce).

    Solution: Make spits act like mines.  If you drop a small colorless spit bomb-trap that doesn't explode until a human gets near (or forces it to explode via weapons).  This gives the NH a new opportunity for stealth.  Lay a few mine traps in the site and wait for the enemy to get near to attack.  This can also give the NH SOME time to recover if they die and the humans get on the nest.  I think they should be hard to see (ie-not a glowing green/pink/orange blob) so you actually have to pay attention and approach the nest with caution.  Since its already fairly quick to destroy the nest (1 death of the NH = 1 nest) I think forcing the approach with more caution is fair.


    Problem: The buggy is impossible to defend against.  If you do get lucky enough to grab it (which I think is fair how difficult it is, since the map is large and humans need to be fast) you have to wait a while before you can press melee enough times to actually ground pound them out.  9 times out of 10 human players simply jump out of their car and let it roll away and then shoot you as you are stuck on the buggy trying to press the "get off" button.

    Solution:  Make buggy attacks the normal melee and make the "escape car" button more like a ground pound, where you must hold it to use it.  Normal melee is weak, so you wouldn't kill them off the bat unless they're low health, and AT LEAST you can do some damage before they jump out of their car.  This makes it more like how volitales attack your buggy in game as well. 


    Problem: New Legendary skill trees make health higher, healing nearly instant, and melee attacks more deadly.  This makes putting together complete kill-combos nearly impossible, and ANY misses (eg-tackle or ground-pound, or if you're close and have to melee) a death sentence for good players, and a way to push the NH away for beginners.

    Solution: Make close-up melee attacks slightly weaker, but with a poison/bleed effect.  This gives the NH an option to "hit-and-run" and have SOME sort of benefit from it, rather than "sneak around and smash-in to finish" which is the current logic.  I think this makes the NH more feared, but also means that if the NH plays up close he is more vulnerable to attacks.  The bleed effect can counter the instant heal since you cannot heal while you are bleeding out, or the effects negate and you don't change in health at all.

    • This also helps counter many human complaints about "ground-pound or tackle spam" because the NH has more viable options of attack.
    • No longer can the humans turn the hunt so easily, which keeps the game true to the game mode.
    • Many of these changes can add new strategies for the NH which can counter the current human strategies.  This gives more dynamic to the game play forcing the humans to adapt RATHER than the basic "dodge NH attack, kill NH, destroy nest" mentality.
    • It also would increase the lifespan of the game mode.  I feel like the only people I run into now as the NH are new players who bought the game off a steam sale or seasoned players who have played since the beginning and are impossible to defeat.

    I think small changes like this would make the game more fair without making it more difficult for inexperienced players.  Frankly, I think these types of changes could make the game more interesting rather than a dodge and pound fest by experienced players.  Mines would make approaching nests much more dangerous, but surrounding zombies would force you to do something.  Pounce damage can force you to watch your back more to catch the NH BEFORE he initiates the pounce, and also gives the NH a bonus for catching the humans off guard.  Jeep attacks would be more frightening since you can actually get hit pretty hard if the NH catches the jeep (cause I think its already hard enough to get that lucky land, only to have them bail before you can smash anything).  Maybe you guys can see a flaw with some of my ideas, but I think its time that they added mutation lvl 4 and 5 and gave the NH some new tricks to fight these good players.



    I see you have come across many problems, which in my opinion, do not have to be "fixed" with your solutions. Now please, hear me out. I too play as hunter many times, and also against very good hunters. And these problems here, are no problems for me and other good hunters.


    First problem, I don't know if this is actually true what I am about to say, but in some cases humans can't dodge tackles, anyways, a pounce that does damage when missed and that knocks them unconscious in 3 times is a bit much. I would say 5 times, because as hunter you have to land 5 successful hits on a survivor to kill them. (Ground pound, tackle, claws or a combination of them all. If you land 5 of them, humans are dead if they don't heal)


    Second problem, There is a skill called UV block, you should try it. A hunter which can still run and jump like there is nothing going on is OP. I can already see the GP spam if that where the case.


    Third problem, It requires some skill indeed, but also you have to make a good decision when to shoot the spit or not. If that's still to hard for you, try doing a GP. When you successfully GP someone, the camera follows that player flying backwards. In that moment you basically have some sort of auto aim, all you have to do is press the spit button and you'll most likely have a spit stuck on them, easy right?


    Fourth problem, You can tackle buggies you know? And a tip to keep up with them, Night hunters can now go from tendrils straight to running and keep the momentum of their tendril for a short period. So if you tendril, run and then jump you will fly really quickly and it will be easier to tendril further again. What would actually be a good feature is to give the night hunter the ability to use their tendrils on the buggies, pulling themselves towards the buggies really quick! And to balance this to the humans, humans can get the tendrils of their buggies by using the electric cage or perhaps the UV lights on their car.


    Fifth problem, Health is indeed higher, but like I said before it just takes 5 hits, which isn't easy of course because the survivors only have to hit you three times but still, I would say this is pretty balanced. The healing part depends on the difficulty level the host is playing on. Hard and Nightmare do not have instant heals, but medic-kits do heal more! I would suggest the developers find a way to balance the difference between matches on normal difficulty compared to nightmare difficulty. For example, the night hunter spits would take a little less time to recharge and also the night hunters health would be restored faster when playing against people on a normal difficulty.




    Your idea to have Night Hunter's spit act like mines isn't that bad actually, it would be a pretty cool addition to the skill tree. Hunters would be able to put their selected spit on the ground as mine (with a new button) instead of shooting them.

    Another cool idea to balance this mode is maybe give the survivor sense AND the Hunter's scream a change (or maybe make this another mode.) Instead of survivor sense once, and then being able to see the hunter for a while. A survivor sense with a cool-down timer, which shows the last location of the Night Hunter when the Night Hunter is in range of the survivor sense of course.

    And perhaps the same for the Night Hunter. This way you would have to be a bit more aware and look around for the night hunter, also does this give the night hunter an opportunity to approach the survivors in a stealthy way for some surprise attacks.


    That's all for now, I hope my English was correct. (Sorry if that isn't the case)

  8. I see some interesting ideas here, and I've got one as well: Instead of survivor sense once, and then being able to see the hunter for a while. A survivor sense with a cool-down timer, which shows the last location of the Night Hunter when the Night Hunter is in range of the survivor sense of course.

    And perhaps the same for the Night Hunter.

  9. I have a great Idea! What about all of you amazing developers play Mirror's Edge When you have the time! I bet you will see many free running moves you have not used yet, or maybe add new cool animations based on those. Mirror's Edge had great free running, and if you would take some of that to your game, that would be amazing!

  10. So I am playing on HARD+ I know it takes more damage to kill enemies, especially the demolishers (Which seem unkillable unless you use conducting or flammable liquid in combination with a fire or electricity upgrade,) but for some reason, an arrow, that goes straight trough a skull, doesn't kill some enemies instantly, while those enemies would die instantly if it was a bullet instead of an arrow.

    The health some zombies, and especially Rias men have, makes a bow so useless! You need about 25 headshots with arrows to kill them, it looks really stupid after finally killing one enemy with so many arrows! They end op looking like porcupines...
    So if you, the developers could maybe take another look on the damage model, for the bow especially, that would be nice. 

  11. The Bozak Horde bow is awesome, I got it and it's just amazing to shoot it! But unfortunately it is really bad, I play on Hard Mode+ and in Hard Mode and Hard Mode+ it just doesn't perform like it should. I don't know how it is in Normal, but I have to shoot so many arrows in heads to kill! Shouldn't a arrow that goes trough your head kill you instantly? It's a pretty useless weapon now. 

    So I request the developers to look at it's damage, so it is a little bit better at harder game modes, and also make it a 1 hit kill when I make a headshot. 

  12. This is such an awesome game! And with the new developer tool where you can make your own maps it just extended the replay value of the game! But this damn AMD performance! Not everyone has the money to buy extremely high end PC's but have a little less to spend and choose AMD for it, which is cheaper! But this game is sooo badly optimized! Techland should've fixed it by now! It's like they don't care!


    As I mentioned in the suggestions thread...


    I'd love to see the seizures implemented into regular gameplay somehow (maybe in the upcoming Hard Mode, if nothing else?). One element I loved about Dying Light was the fact that Crane (LOVE Crane, by the way, I need more of him in my life) was infected with the virus. I've always hated "protagonist immunity" to any important disease/curse/what have you in a story, and Dying Light handled the zombie virus and seizures extremely well. It was one of my favorite elements.
    So I think it'd be awesome if we kept feeling the effects of that continuously throughout the game. Not only would it be more consistent with the story missions, but it'd also offer a new level of challenge in regular gameplay if you suddenly have a seizure like the ones in certain story missions. It makes the game more immersive, since Crane's infection is a very real (and very dramatic) problem throughout the story.
    It'd give a sense of the desperation for a cure - and the desperation for antizin. We'd feel a little more for those renegade survivors you see running around shouting "I really, REALLY need those suppressants!" The seizures should also get worse and worse if you let them go for too long, and if you go long enough without another antizin shot, you eventually have a really bad seizure and then your game just ends because you change. Antizin could only be available at the two main safehouses in each zone (the Tower in the Slums and the Roost [forgive me, I forget its exact name] in Old Town), to give a feeling of how rare and valuable it is.
    Also, perhaps the hardcore mode could essentially be a list of elements that we turn on and off, to customize our gameplay experience to suit our preferences? If we dislike one part of hardcore mode, we just don't check that one off, for instance. Though that's getting a bit more extensive. :P


    All of the things you said are in the list! Able to turn on and off all the features in Hard Mode (already in the list) and now I've added your great idea of getting seizures!  

    My experience of NG + with a 2400 damage weapon is that a volatile will take 4-5 hits to die. My friends who aren't on NG are still 1-2 hits. So there is quite a difference :) I love the idea of having to swing wildly to kill the biters, just like at good ol level 5, but at the same time I don't know if you can have that and also have the super aggro mobs chasing you. Hopefully they achieve a good compromise. 

    I haven't tried NG+ yet, I already completed every thing (Except collectibles) but I wanted to try NG+ after they released a patch for AMD systems... Currently playing with a 20 to 40 FPS. :/ 

  14. Think this topic needs a bump given teh recent announcement. People voice your ideas for the new content. Now's your chance!

    I've send a tweet to Dying Light & Techland about it! I hope someone will read it and pass it on to the developers!

    I'm not sure if tough zombies and large number of fast zombies would be a nice combination! - I think they are doing a good job though and I trust they will balance it :) I would certainly settled for having enemies similar to that mod. 


    also consider that footage was daytime. At night volatile s will take several hits on NG +

    You're right and on top of that, I didn't have noticed night volatile's take more hits. (Probably because of the OP weapons now) But maybe they could find a balance between tough and large numbers. 

    Thanks for reading the Topic btw! :)

  15. Chk this - it shows a Mod 'Super Aggressive Zombies'




    Looks wicked... I'm playing on Xbox one...


    This is definately something I would like to see - with some balancing of course...

    I wouldn't want an endless/infinite number of zombies spawning, there would need to be a lull, if you stopped making loud noise or hid/relocated... Etc

    You're right, it looks amazing. But still, he's mowing them down so easy, Maybe it could be more balanced if the zombies weren't that soft, that you needed multiple blows on one spot to actually cut trough.

  16. I'm just saying its not everybody ! no offence but this is never gonna be Dark Souls (thank fook).


    I am still getting killed by normal zombies FFS !

    Of course it isn't going to be, it's a "mode," meaning it can be turned on and off, if you are having a hard time dealing with the normal zombies then I suggest training some more. Once you're a true zombie killing machine that can't be killed go for hardcore mode! ;)

  17. With all due respect, you may not want a hardcore mode. But for the rest of us who are walking around 1 shotting volatiles with our stupidly overpowered weapons then using our lol-hook to hewhewhew away into the sunset all day long, the game isn't a challenge at all...


    I agree with the post placement but I also view the current game as far too easy and therefore an "issue" and issues warrant their own thread :)

    Couldn't said it better myself, and on top of that, I already posted the same idea's there! :P

  18. More rain!! Ha ! Me too... It doesn't rain enough in this game... And it's so cool when it does!!


    But your list is great!! It lists pretty much all the stuff I'd thought of...


    Definately having an option to turn off the mini map! Especially at night!


    You wanted to turn off survivor sense, which I would partly agree with, in terms of looting a room, searching it yourself without it guiding you to where all the items are, and also giving you the ability to 'sense' where the Volatiles are. However, the survivor sense has on more than one occasion helped me find my weapon that I threw at an enemy and missed or there was an explosion that sent it flying off... In Dead Island I was constantly loosing weapons. Dying light allows me to find my weapons using Survivor Sense. Which is very helpful.



    BUT - I think any HARDCORE MODE for this game should be a large list of stuff that you can turn on or off (like you say) so you can customise your ideal hardcore mode. Kind of like THIEF 4... It has a list of options you can turn on or off, to tailor the experience.


    That's really important!


    Because I might want some things in my hardcore mode but not others... For example I like to use guns, and the ability to buy ammo for them... I don't want that restricted.

    I think fine tuning a hardcore mode is a delicate balance. For example, having Malaria in Far Cry 2 was just annoyingly frustrating, it wasn't fun. And I saw your idea about becoming infected and needing to find antizen.... Whilst the idea sounds interesting, I'm sure it would end up just being annoying like the malaria in Far Cry 2.... Also it would ultimately introduce, in effect, a 'time limit' to the experience... It would get annoying !

    You're right, a time limit experience is annoying, but I think with getting infected you really have to think about your moves, and especially when fighting hordes of zombies. Able to get infected (if implemented in the game) should be balanced, meaning it should not be in five minutes but in days or more. And on top of that able to turn it off, to get your true hardcore experience you want! Also with the survivor sense, It should be more customizable, able to select the things you wan't to see like the weapon you lost.