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  1. McVine

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    After watching stream i pretty sure in two things. First - this game kick @ss hardboiled win, and second - you absolutely sure need add animation and most important, time to healing potion drinking.
  2. McVine

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    As I mentioned before - new game plus / competition mode. When you finish game for first time, it's unlock additional setting in new game menu. Like, I just install game, and click on ''New Game'', game just begin. But when I finish story, and click on new game again, I can choose from various difficulty settings - "normal - story and difficulty as it designed for average casual gamer - no serious death punishment - standard loot"; "Hard - challenge for skilled players - serious money and item durability loss after dying - better loot"; " insane - tough and smart enemies, less potion, harder everything - dying cause losing half of all money and leave you entire inventory on deathspot - perfect loot"; "true hero - almost impossible - permanent lose of all equipped items and 75% of money after death - best of possible loot, with some unique examples restricted to this difficulty". And what's important - players should be able change this at any point, because under/overestimation ourselves is part of people's nature. And last but not least, after some time players surely figure out every boss "drop list" and start raiding that bosses, to get these shiny legendary items. And it's part of gameplay, you shouldn't punish us for that. In that case best solution - add quest selection for higher difficulties. Players find one or another way to raid bosses, but if only challenging part of this - is 3-4 hours of traveling through game to one particular enemy... well, that's what I call pure design. Instead making this raiding hard, make this boss harder. Tldr: best replayability is controlled one. Allow players to replay parts what he's like, do not force them to experience all over again and again.
  3. McVine

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    First of all. Thank you guys for promise of great game, this days is more than other can offer. Mostly my suggestions was previously mentioned, but I still want to share them. 1) Overpassing shields. It's not fun, when some darn skeleton hide behind small wooden buckler, and your giant hammer just bounce off it. But when you can go crouch and broke his legs under shield - it's fun, enjoyable and bring some interesting tactics. Tldr: shields are not force field, and cover limited area. 2) Replayability and difficulty. Good action Diablo-like-RPG is all about replaying. And as far I can see, you already implement some nice features, like mission and arenas. But also really nice would be something like NG+ mode, where u can face new enemies or at least experience new abilities from old ones. It's really good tool to adjust difficulty - look how players deal with uncommon enemies (as example let's take summon type mage, in close combat he probably as good as dead, and relay on creatures, but on ng + he can learn something like blinding nova, which don't make him beefy fighter, but let escape from straight attack). Tldr: new enemy abilities is much better than just healthy dudes. 3) Characteristics respec, seriously just add it. 4) Death punishment, when I die in dark souls, diablo 2 - I made mistake and face consequences, either I must retrieve full inventory or just all "currency", when I die in dead island - nah, just keep going. Best decision for penalty is leave on place where you die half of all your money and one random piece of equipment.