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  1. That's most ikely the purpos, like in some/many Dungeon crawler games (fx. diablo 2 ), when you go to the next difficulty, most of the equipment gets the old looks, but will have better stats. Some say it's a "lazy" way to make a new tier of weapons, but most people don't mind. What i'm missing however, is more different weapon types t max level, I mostly find swords and machetes, and 2H hammers, but I personaly like useing one-handed axes more, but the only 1H axes i can get, have too low stats to use them, compared to the other weapons I find.
  2. When finding and useing guns, I have noticed one major flaw about them; they are all the same, every gun with the same name have the exact same stats, no matter their rarity. After playing as a max level for a looong time, I have found/bought (mostly found) a lot of weapons, and nothing annoys me more, than the guns. The price is the same, the damage, RoF, accuracy, magazine size, EVERYTHING is the same, as long as the name is the same, and it's pissing me off, I hope Techland is going to change it a little in the future (like gun mods/attachments, and the rarity decides how many can be attached), but for now it SUCKS. Had the same pistol (a blue german) since level 4, still have it, and haven't found an other german pistol with other stats, it still kills zombies as well as a "level 25" pistol. That was at least better in Dead Island. Allso, please remeber that guns are loud, and therefor attracts virals (many "random" players keep useing guns to fend off virals, but ironically, it just attacts more)
  3. I know that when playing on hard-mode, the medkit bundles only give 1 medkit, but when I then went back to normal-mode (better loot and friends play on normal), I noticed that you "still" only get 1 medkit pr. medkit bundle, therefor defying the meaning of being a "bundle" this got to be a bug, and I hope it get corrected soon. P.s. only reason I "restart" / play plus new game, is so I can hunt airdrops, that is/was the best thing in the slums, without them, old town is much more fun. Plz make airdrops fall again after you beat the game
  4. At night, when sneaking around, trolling volatiles and trying to find out if you get better loot at night, I keep getting annoyed over 2 things 1. -Hivemind? - When finding a lone volatile, I sneak up on it and either power attack it or throw my weapon into it's neck (it's a premium katana, fully upgraded, got minimum 2500 damage and is bolter poison modded). BUT as soon as it hits and dies (one-hit-kill, even on hard mode) the pusuit starts and several other volatiles start comeing, so that makes me think. Does volatiles have a hivemind or is it just a **** annoying thing that the devs haven't fully thought through? 2. You can't stealthkill volatiles - I remember in some of the first videos of Dying Light Beta's, you saw the player stealthkilling a zombie, by makeing a stealthkill animation, where he chopped it's head off. (can't remeber if it was a voaltile or a normal). I have even tried to dropkill voaltiles, without succes. So please like this post if you think we should be able to stealthkill volatiles without being detected. or do you think it makes the stealth system too OP and the volaties too easy? Allso, does someone knows, if you accualy have a higher chance to find better weapons at night?
  5. If what you guys say is true, then hardmode is hereby, in my opinion, USELESS. If the game gets harder, then I expect the loot to become better, end of discussion, I don't go hardmode, just so I can find trash, after chopping my way through thrice as many enemies. If loot would be more scarce, then I would expect that it means there is a lesser chance to actually find something, but then when you do, is something GOOD. Which then leaves out player-count and night-time, I haven't heard anything, so it's still a questionmark for me. BTW. I knew the thing about the police vans and chest (the harder the lock, the better the loot, duh.) ALLSO Maxor, when you say "blue", "purple" and "orange" chests, i presume that you mean the color of the indicator, when you see it with survivor sense, just to clear it up. Last thing, in my opinion, the worst thing about hard mode, is that you can only see weapons and volatiles when useing survivor sense, it's not harder, IT'S F*CKING ANNOYING (and makes me have a bad experience, because it makes it annoying, instead of harder)
  6. When do you find the best loot? What factors is to consider when wishing to "farm" good weapons, and when do you have the highest chance to find gold rarity weapons? I think the factors is (but I don't know) Number of players - The more players, the better loot. Hard mode - I don't know, but after running through both the slums and old town a few times, both on normal and on hard mode, I found a bit better weapons when in hard mode, than in normal (found less green and more purple) Night - I haven't noticed a too bit difference in finding better loot, when it turns night, but it might ony be a few % it changes. So I think the situation where you have the highest chance to find gold weaponry is 4 Players co-op Hard mode Night time But I don't know, that is why I am asking.
  7. YES, I loved the "medicin" system from Far Cry 2, and have, since before release, been thinking that it would be one of the best things that could have been featured in Dying Light. BUT I HATE the fact that you can run for weeks (ingame time) without haveing to take any antizin, no matter when in the game it is, but as soon as you do a main mission, you get hit in the face, stomach and up your b*tthole with fullblown zombievirus. you are, after all, infected, and the hole story focuses on getting antizin. Of course Techland can't just change it like that, after all, the story allso goes, that you have been ordered to destroy the antizin from airdrops. Airdrops return - As the main way to get antizin, and I loved the constant "chance to get stuff, but have to be fast" thing, and the only reason I have been playing from the start again and again, was JUST so I could run after airdrops again. Countdown - I think the "infection meter" should be a countdown on your watch, giveing a small, but long beeeb each time it passes a "stage"(12 ingame hours). Random seizures - The longer you go without antizin, the higher the chance that you will get a random seizure. HOW I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MOST OF THE SYSTEM WORK You have a chance to get an antizin box in each airdrop. but only 1 pr day. (there is a higher chance to find antizin in airdrops at night) You have to deliver the box to a quartermaster to gain a vial yourself. Each vial have 3 charges/shots) You can have a maximum of 3 vials on you (9 shots) Each 12 hours, you either have to take a dose, or have a change to get random seizures, draining your stamina and hindering your fighting. (the first 12 hours is safe, then the chance to get seizures increases)(it will get higher the more "stages" pass) Each time you die, the infection clock advances 2 hours (6 hours in hard mode) If you go 3 days without antizin, you lose all your stamina and can't run and jump as high and fast as when healthy, use graplinghook, use powerattacks, dropkick, vault over enemies and you will sway a lot when aiming. you can return to a quartermaster who will give you a small antizin shot, it will turn it back 12 hours (to the 2days 12hours marker) but you won't get a vail with you. (you can still climb, since it is needed to get to the quartermasters) If you sleep, the infection clock still runs, makeing it a less effective farming method. The clock don't run, when playing invasions. When retriveing an airdrop in co-op, each player have to pick up the antizin box to turn it in.
  8. There are random times, where im unable to interact with both containers, items, NPCs and enemies. This includes; opening containers, stomping heads, picking up items, repairing and realoading weapons, reciveing rewards from NPCs and use the bed. I see a "interact" icon, but there is no name and no "press this key" symbol. The only way i have been able to "fix" it, is to exit and quit the game, and start it again. This is extremly annoying, since i have lost both loot and quest rewards this way, and causes me to either quit and restart the mission at a checkpoint, or continue without being able to loot or claim rewards from NPCs.
  9. Is there a maximum to the number of individuel useable items in your inventory / player stash (by useable I mean; throwing stars / knives, molotovs, medkits etc.) So can you have 100 molotovs at a time? or would it divide into stacks with a max number in each? And a bit the same question to crafting parts and valuables. Is there a maximum pr stack?
  10. Sleeping and watching press preview gameplay.
  11. 1. Can volatiles be instant killed with "dead from above"? 2. Saw a "backstabing stealth kill" in the video with the first nightrun, any more info about it? does it need a skill? Can it be used on Bitters, Virals and/or Volatiles? 3. Does running make a lot of noise? (compared to walking) in case you walk/run behind a Volatile.
  12. I was wondering if you can enable-disable the mini-radar on your HUD? Some players like to disable it, to have a harder challenge. For example at night, not being able to see the volatiles and not being able to see the directions of safe zones, unless you use survivor sense.
  13. Books : In Dead Island an Metro 2033 you could find unuseable books around the world, with the title of the game (Dead Island in Dead island ect.). The same thing in Dying Light could be fun. Other Dead Island things : simple things, such as a brochure for the Islands of Banoi and/or Palanai A CD with Sam B (Who Do You Voodoo)(and maybe the song playing somewhere) Legendary weapon with the name of a character from Dead Island (eg. "Lin's Knife" or "Fist's of B"(if there is brass knuckles) And of course references to horror and zombie movies/games. Many other people have these surgestions and i can't think of any i haven't read allready) To me, easter eggs is one of the most important things in a game, adds a little fun and makes me think "hey, that reminds me of _____".