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  1. Dear Techland, first of all, I love your game. I've hyped Dying Light like no other game for a few years. However, now you've finally released The Following and I love it aswell! I love to drive around and I've seen a few horrific scenes, places and zombies. When I saw then, I thought, wouldn't it be "nice" to see how everything started? I mean we've seen what happened after harran fuc*ed up. We've started the game during the apocalypse and that's why it's so... normal... I want to see how everything started. I want to see the horror on the roads, inside the homes, hospitals,... How did they begin the quarantine? How did the military fight against the undead threat? Please tell us the story of a freerunner during the outbreak! Maybe Harris Brecken would be a nice choice Thank you for this "great" apocalypse! Jaddow PS: I've posted this on reddit first, but a user told me, that you aren't active in that community, unfortunately!
  2. Ich hab das auch schon bei mmoga bestellt. Ich hoffe Steam erlaubt uns das :/ Ich hab schon eine ähnliche Frage gestellt, aber hab immer noch keine Antwort bekommen.
  3. Hey guys, i'm from germany an i hope its not true but:i have heard that if you live here, you'll be not able to buy this in usual stores. But I have already pre-ordered it, so am I able to play this via Steam? Does Steam allows me to play DL in my country?
  4. Hey, could you release the map of dying light? I mean just the map without a legend but mybe with the districts... So many people on twitch are even playing this game. so i think its ok, if you release it thanks for reading my topic
  5. Hey guy, i'm watching a livestream of dying light right now. But im asking myself, where the hell did they get the game???! Ok, i understand that famous Youtuber/twitcher/...get a beta version for commercial. But this guy is a f**king random!! How can he play this game?! Sorry for the bad words :S
  6. Hey, could you give us tell it us in m2/km2 ? I saw some gameplays on youtube. They were uploaded some hours ago, but no one showed me the map size or even talked about it. Greeting Jaddow
  7. Hello, you just have to remember Dead Island: when you've cut off a zombie leg(i mean "living" zombies), he fell down and was totally dead. How about Dying Light? Do they die if you cut off a leg? And what about survivors? can you cutt off their legs(/arms)?
  8. MrJaddow

    Story And Coop

    Awesome ^^ I've got a second question: The real Harran is a city in turkey, but where is Dying Light's Harran? The original city got less than 8000 habitants, but in the trailers it looks much bigger than that So where should be your Harran?
  9. MrJaddow

    Story And Coop

    Hello, my question: Is every main mission playable in coop?
  10. MrJaddow

    I'm Very Impressed!

    Hey Techland, i just want to tell you, that im very impressed of your work! The trailers looks very exciting! It seems like you on the right way producing one of the best, may be the best, first-person zombie game for 2015! Also the graphics are so detailed and the weather and wind effects are so cool. First, i had concerns how the free running will be, but now it looks so smooth and fluid! Even now im scared of the night, and the evil in the streets of Harran!! i can't wait anymore In just 50 days the hunt will begin! Thank you so much for this game! And in the end i just have to say, to everyone: GOOD NIGHT, GOOD LUCK!
  11. Hey there ^^ Please give us this on through a jukebox Or a wallpaper somewhere with all of the previous playable characters.