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  1. Would like to know why you already regionlocked and ignore e-mails regarding this. A regionlock for Germany is NOT required by any law and any company who sets regionlocks is just dumb! The only thing a regionlock ends in is a shitstorm,bad publicty and the increase of illegal copies. The German youth protection law is for minors not for adults is it that hard to understand? Adults are allowed to buy anything which means not rated, indexed and even confiscated games! Adults can go to local stores and buy Dying Light, Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide here without a problem and Hellraid will also be sold here even if it is not rated or indexed... https://steamdb.info/sub/53250/
  2. DanTheKraut

    Season Pass Regionlocked For Germany?

    You do know that your game is not banned it is only indexed? Indexed means that every shop can sell your game to adults here in Germany after a age verification. German stores sell your main game as a retail version because it is not forbidden and they also sell the season pass but only for consoles because you can't activate it as key for PC. I know it is hard to believe for non germans but actually have a look at a official source regarding indexed games. Nevermind the regionlock was removed thx for your cooperation
  3. Hello, I would like to ask why the ROW Season Pass is regionlocked for Germany. I'm just curious why you did that because the main game isn't regionlocked but german Steam customers can't activate a Season Pass if they buy one as retail. This is the Season Pass Sub I mean https://steamdb.info/sub/54907/. Would you be so kind and remove the not necessary regionlock as you did for the main game?
  4. I doubt that you have read the first post in this thread.... now stick to your WW2 sarcasm.
  5. Is it really so hard to give a single answer? Even a pm to a Dev and no response... I guess it is not worth for the german community to support such a behavior.
  6. It is not about needing a VPN to play (not atm) it is about needing a VPN to activate a legally bought copy as the game has already both tags set which require a VPN for the activation if you would read the SteamDB you would see it yourself. Prohibitrunincountries isn't set but that is not what I was talking about. Besides that you do not need to show me what a geolock or regionlock is because if you look at the Steamforums of Wolfenstein, Sleeping Dogs: DE or Dead Rising 3 you will see who started the threads with the same issue there. I don't care what consoles are able to because I do not own one and won't buy one. For your sentence about a geolock would be against the law at this time... as somebody who actually studied law I can definitely say this is not the case.
  7. Well I see you regionlocked it already for Germany... bad decision because there is no law which forces you to do so (pls don't bring that argument we busted Square Enix and Bethesda already with their lie about mysterious laws which forces them to regionlock their games and we will be happy to do this again which ends in bad publicty) and it WILL only increase piracy! If I can't activate a legally bought copy why should I the game instead of getting a regionlock free copy?
  8. DanTheKraut

    Already Pre-Ordered In Germany

    Nope, no laws like this exist here. A USK rating isn't even needed but publishers don't understand this.
  9. But you can import Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 uncut fine in Germany and also play it without a problem I don't want to mod my games to make them uncut I want to buy them uncut!
  10. I want to ask if you plan to geolock the ROW version for german Steam Users? I' am asking this because I have read that you plan to release a censored version for Germany (a Zombie game without gore is like pron without sexual content = not worth the time -- > just my opinion). The other reason is that as a german PC player who is forced to play his bought games most times via Steam I start to feel that I become a second class customer because I'am from Germany and because I play on PC (I own nearly 1000 games on Steam which shows I pay and play). With a geolock I mean no activation, download or start with a german IP something which is sadly possible with Steam! Just a few words and thoughts about such a geolock: Geolocks are based on your decision no one forces you to implement one (no one not Steam, not the german laws)! There is no law which forces you to implement a geolock (there is non this was proven many times before!)! A geolock only affects Steam Users because on PS4 and XBox One there is no possiblity for a geolock. If there would be any law which would force you to do so you would violate it anyway because the law does not make a difference between PC and consoles (again such law doesn't exist). German adults have the right to buy/import indexed (Indexed List A and B ), banned (As example §131 and §86 StGB) and unrated games (unrated = not USK approved) something you can even read on the USK website also the EU gives us this right to import any game (As a EU citizen I can buy whatever I want within the EU which also includes games)! The only things a geolock does is that it makes cheap versions (russian and asia as example) and illegal copies more attractive. Cheap versions because VPN would be necessary anyway and illegal copies because cracked = no geolock at all. In both cases you would lose money! Pirates don't need to deal with geolocks but customers who are willing to buy the uncensored version would have to circumstance the geolock or becoming pirates. A geolock will definitly end in bad publicty for you and will affect future sales. I don't need to bring examples you only need to google "Sleeping Dogs + Geolock" and read the articles and comments. Quote from the USK (the german rating board for games) the important stuff is bold: http://www.usk.de/en/service/faqs/ I can also post quotes from the Bundesprüfstelle (BPjM) and from several court decisions which are stating the same if needed. The best option for you if you really want to release a censored version for Germany --> Don't geolock the uncensored version! Even better --> Don't waste money on a censored version there will be enough publicity for your game Best regards A german customer who don't like censored games and geolocks P.s. A lot of german Steam Users are interested in your hopefully positive answer. I have linked this topic in a Steamgroup called ForUncut! this group has over 80000 members and all of them want their games uncensored http://steamcommunity.com/groups/foruncut/discussions/0/624074858748502762/