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    BtZ: A Proposal/Gift to Developers.

    In General I've seen this version of the game by 1st hand i've been playtesting with Fear from almost day 1 and comparing DLR to normal btz its a night and day diffrence. Vanillia BTZ feels so unfair and full of unworthy deaths/kills with things like autobalance, which rewards a player for playing bad (take in mind that this can be exploited so that the hunter/human can abuse the benefits of autobalance activating) and exploits that both human and hunter players abuse (e.g backslide, animation cancel, speed exploit and even more) and with a combination of bugs and glitches it creates a really negative atmosphere and after a while the game starts to feel so punishing and straight up boring because of the luck of variety that the game has Balancing For a one man developing team he did an amazing work at balancing the game. DLR compared to vanillia, feels competive and fair, nothing is overpowered and everything has a counter meaning that the game shows the true skill and knowledge of the player and as he had limited resources and time he tried to also patch as many gamebreaking exploits as possible (e.g. Healing glitch, a glitch that allows the human to heal with at a much higher rate than normal without touching any game files). Him being a veteran player with an incredible game knowledge and with a combination of a big amount of playtesters with all types of experience from newplayers to other veterans helped to shape the game to something competive thats being also incredibly fun which is something really necessary for people to keep play the game. Variety (PvP) An experienced survivor in vanillia DL knows that certain loadouts are just superior to other and just overshine every item in the game (e.g. always running night hunter boosters or always using khopeshes crossbows and sometimes two handed weapons) this results in the game being barren and unintersting to grind the long skill gap that players tend to have. DLR brings so many new options as Fear mentioned firearms are now worthwhile and finally the human has a greater variety in terms of boosters, weapons have been give specialisation that actually work (e.g a heavy one hander is better at killing the hunter or knives are dedicated nest destroyers) the hunter has been given a fully reworked spit that brings to the table so many new tactics that a hunter can apply on every mode. I've been playing dying light since late 2016 and i've never seen such variety in terms of loadouts i was even suprised to see myself using something else than a khopesh and 2 crossbows. As a result all of these changes it leads to a greater replayability something great for every game Variety (PvE) This rebuild may be pvp focused but it sure didnt let pve out of the equation Fear brought back many weapons like Tribal Machete, Knife and Hammer which personally i dont even know why they werent even in the base game. He made new weapon blueprints that players can get from The following that further increase the variety. He brought back more outfits and even created his own commuinity event called Hellfire and required the player to kill zombies with fire and rewarding the players with a unique blueprint and outfit and having a more balanced and fun version of hypermode for the PvP players overall there is so much variety that one can not descibe. Leveling/Skill-trees Last but not least there have been changes to the skill trees for balancing reassons and for some new skills to be added with such changes he managed to make exploits like 100HP unusable and simultaneously enchancing the choises that someone could make these leads to a much smoother pvp and pve experience Conclussion I dont see any reason why this shouldnt be part of the game so many things have been changed and its just a breath of fresh air that this game badly needs as i said its well balanced and just mad fun many of the pro players who played this higly enjoyed it but the most important thing is that you have a higly motivated and passionated person hard working on this all day and i would like to see his work and dream become a reallity its just a must have for the game
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