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  1. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Some random questions

    Just to list the answers: 1. Collect it with the appropriate machine or plow the field. 2. The bags of fertilizer will be replaced by the new content that you want the pickup to load up with. 3. Any harvester with its designated header will do the job. Hope that I got all your answers. Please let me know if I can assist you in anything else. Take care, Kris
  2. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Pure Farming issues and requests

    Could you please tell us if the issue still occurs after the latest update?
  3. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Ps4 pro problems.

    Thanks for letting us know! Have fun Take care, Kris
  4. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Dodawanie stacji radiowych

    Hej Roobin303, Spróbuj dodać tę stację na próbę: Pozdrawiam, Kris
  5. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Jak można znaleść wszystkie szafiry

    Hej Mariusz, Sprawdź teń poradnik: Pozdrawiam, Kris
  6. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Ps4 pro problems.

    Thanks for bringing it to us! Is the issue still occurring after the latest patch? Take care, Kris
  7. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Update xbox one

    Hi Mosko War, Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the lack in our communication. The mentioned patch contained such changes: - Fixed issue with AI-controlled harvesters gathering "unknown" crops which prevented them from being emptied - DLC vehicles are no longer free when purchased in-game for the first time - Corrected the articulation of the Versatile 4WD when stationary - Fixed sound and graphical issues with with the PALESSE CS200 - Fixed clock incorrectly displaying AM instead of PM We promise to improve ourselves and to keep you updated at all times. Take care, Kris
  8. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Version 1.30 Patch Notes

    Hi Guys, The newest Hotfix, codename brought 3 main changes listed down below, so check them out now: Fixed an issue that prevented liquid fertilizer from covering 100% of a field. Fixed selling price of owned DLC vehicles. Various mod importer fixes to make importing animations easier Also, don't forget about the Halloween event! See how much you can take - lock your cows in the barn, lock your pigs in the pen and don’t chicken out! We have hidden collectables in the old, glowing pirate chests all over the 4 main maps (5 chests with 10 000 USD inside each, per map) - find them all and get 100 000 USD!!! This is Madness! The ghost hours will last from 9.00 PM until 5.00 AM in-game time. They come back every in-game night unless you collect them - after 9th of November 2018, they will disappear forever... Do you want some more? Fine! Scare your neighbour to death by wearing one of the 6 new, Halloween T-shirts - you will get them for free! Have Fun! Kris
  9. Kris The Farmer Techland

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Hey! Pure Farming is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
  10. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Propozycja nowej uprawy

    Cześć Fabisiak, Dzięki za pomysł! Pracujemy nad zwiększeniem możliwości w Pure Farming i przedyskutujemy wewnątrz naszego zespołu również i Twoją uwagę. Wkrótce przedstawimy więcej konkretów co do dalszej rozbudowy gry. Zostań z nami Pozdrawiam, Kris
  11. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Sterowanie G29 logitech

    Czy mógłbyś sprawdzić jak Twoja G29 spisuje się po najnowszym patchu? Upewnij się, proszę, czy masz najnowsze sterowniki. Jeśli kierownica ciągle nie działa, prześlij nam swój dxdiag na adres Pozdrawiam, Kris
  12. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Some random questions

    Hi Zwits, Welcome to our family! Please check out this guide, it explains all the basics pretty well: Take care, Kris
  13. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Sterowanie G29 logitech

    Cześć Roobin303, W Pure Farming 2018 nie ma możliwości własnego przypisywania sterowania w przypadku kierownic. Twoja G29 powinna automatycznie zostać uruchomiona gdy wsiadasz do pojazdu. Pozdrawiam, Kris
  14. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Fodder mixer for cows

    We are thinking of ways to add more vehicles and equipment to the game, but it's still too early for us to confirm anything. Stay tuned!
  15. Kris The Farmer Techland

    Additional farmer

    Thanks for the idea! We are working on improvements and will discuss this option in our team too