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  1. Reticled

    Unable To Pre-Order Game On Steam

    There's no need to write this post, a admin responded.
  2. Reticled

    The Official Techland Gamescom Thread

    Nice to see the new gameplay, especially the players getting hunted by the preorder bonus zombies, love it! And HEY! I also have the skull bandana (see my picture) like the multiplayer character has! That's pretty awesome!
  3. Some games allows users to play their own music in the background from a playlist on PS3. Does Dying Light also allows this feature?
  4. Getting Dying Light To The Top If It Comes To Weapons :)

  5. Reticled

    Dying Light Backgrounds

    In the following video on 7:00, you see a beautiful view. Is this background or can you actually go to the houses you see? ( How will Techland prohibit us to go out of the map? Will there be like a invincible barrier wall, will there be a big wall which you can't climb or will there be a "Leaving Game Zone - Respawn in 3,2,1" message when you leave the game zone? I got also another question, will we be able to customize our co-op character and singleplayer character, like being able to wear a bandana? I've seen in a trailer that the guy was walking for 2 seconds on a wall to take a zombie down. Will we be able to do this all the time or is it only a special trailer effect thingy?
  6. I know that Dying Light will be 740p on last-gen and 1040p on next-gen. It that the only difference or is the last-gen very limited?
  7. Reticled

    Weapon Aim

    I've seen some trailers/gameplays right now where they just shoot from their freehand without aiming the pistol. Is there like an actual aim function?
  8. Reticled

    Confirmed Weapons For Dying Light

    I've watched every trailer so far but I can't really find other weapons or I'm just watching these trailers too fast. Hopefully you guys will confirm some other weapons, as I'm really looking forward to them.
  9. Reticled

    Questions From The Developers To You

    1. If it's only one zombie, let's take that one down with my fists. If it's a large group, I'm outta here! 2. You probably don't need to know my weapon ideas because if almost 3 posts about my favorite weapons in the other thread, lol. 3. I like the non-alert zombie (just minding his own business, searching for food or something) 4. When it's day, just exploring things. When it's night, don't walk around or you're dead. Short but powerful.
  10. The title says everything -- What are the confirmed weapons for Dying Light?