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  1. MntMan

    Private Playtest Feedback

    Feedback on the game: 1. There needs to be a better way of determining which weapon in your inventory is better than another. Example, If you select a very powerful weapon, the others in your inventory should display yellow or red. If you then have a less powerful weapon, a better weapon in your inventory should be greens, blues, etc. When you are picking up weapons in a panic you don't always know which weapon is better than another one once you have the item in you inventory. 2. Blocking doesn't feel right. Lacks any type of feedback 3. Inventory management is clunky, especially the non-weapon items 4. Being attacked by melee from behind lacks any feedback. 5. There needs to sounds made by the players. Jumping, walking, etc. Makes tracking feel more valuable and if you are trying to stalk a player or enemy you can do that. Also running makes more sound. 5. There needs a way to report cheaters and the resources behind the reports for follow through. Battle Royale games bring out the cheaters. I believe I have already seen at least one cheater. 6. For new players there needs to be a tutorial on the different types of melee attacks. 7. Needs a offline resource regarding weapon statistics. Damage, reach, speed, etc. 8. Upgrades to weapons lacks "metrics" on what the upgrade provides. Ex. Frost....what does that mean
  2. MntMan

    Missing Executable

    I have the same issue!!!! Hope someone responds soon. Otherwise the play test will be over.
  3. I uninstalled the game from Steam (empty Bad Blood folder - nothing really to delete). I cleared my Steam cache, restarted Steam and installed the game again. Steam appeared to download a ~ 150MB file. When I tried to launch it again...nothing. Missing executable file. The only thing in the Bad Blood folder (on my D: drive) is an empty text file. Great stated to the Global Play Test.
  4. I was accepted into the this weekends playtest and I am unable to start Bad Blood. I received the Steam key and activated the key and Bad Blood installed. When I tried launching Bad Blood this morning the Steam application shows a dialog box stating there is a mission executable. If I follow the path listed, indeed the game launcher.exe does not exist. How do I fix this?????