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  1. Kaiten

    Flails A Must Have

    Yes iam (sure many more) and i wrote a long post about my idea of the Flail weapon in another thread.
  2. Kaiten

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Fully agree on that also the flail cant parry(only a woodstick with a chain and a spiked ball) so maybe thats the disadvantage so you have to play with a shield otherwise - u cant block the damage but on the other hand the flail has a higher crit chance or higher crit damage. Or you have a higher chance to not hit properly because you maybe hit the enemy with the chain and not with the ball so u dont deal much damage. Then you can make a range for the damage of this weapon like 11-83 dmg while other weapons has stable damage like 37-58. Maybe u can add flails with 1big ball with spikes and a flail with 3small balls with spikes. The bigger one has a higher crit damage while the flail with the 3 smaller balls has a higher crit chance because they can hit different areas of the body / or the balls themselves deal damage so 1 ball hits the head(and deal critical damage) the other on the shoulder(and deal average damage) and maybe 1 ball doesnt hit properly(on the armor or shield) and deal low damage or getting blocked. Also balls with large spikes (much slower bec they get stuck into the armor and bones or flesh) -but higher damage- and balls with small spikes (faster but they dont have a good armor penetration) -lower damage-. I think its maybe to complicated to implement, but it would be truly amazing to have a really different weapon where u have to reconsider if u really wanna use it for your playstyle (shield only). Because i really love flails they are my favorite weapon and i think they would fit very well in this game (spiked balls look badass and the rattle of the chain when you move adds even more atmosphere to the game) Hopefully you like some of my ideas for the flail.
  3. Kaiten

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I would love to play a heavy knight, with some defensive and supportive spells (heals) -are there auras ?- with a flail and a big manheight shield or a spiked shield for high dmg bashes (Paladin Diablo II). The second char is more offensive, a medium to heavy armored Berserker with fast attack speed and dual wielding without magic spells just full physic damage and maybe enrage passives at lower life... Thats the play style i dream about