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    Replace volatile nests !

    Guys its ridiculous Nests are at some places right next to a pond or the river, players keep abusing this flaw, which is being unatackable in the water waiting till spits wear off get off the water and resume spamming flares and killing the nest , me having no chance to approach him as once i do he enters the water and UV flashes me until i am forced to retire, and keep doing this until nest is destroyed. There is NO WAY to counter this abuse and i was talkin about 1v1 , if more people keep doing this its show stopper for the hunter and pretty much its Game Over for the zombie player. The only way to fix this exploit is to place nests far away from Water base where players can swim, There are multiple in old town , and one pond in The countryside i cant mark it on map at all since there is no map as the hunter. There are already some seasoned players that can nullify the opportunities of hunter attacking them, there is no need for additional exploitable opportunities for humans. Its alrady ten times harder to be the zombie , not to mention all the cheaters with infinite uv flashlights infinite ammo or whatever softwares they are using to crash my game, literally they are closing my game as if i hit alt f4. Happaned already twice one guy even said to watch this hes going to exit my game using cheat, and dang in two seconds i was on desktop. Oh and not even mention groups of 3 or 4 players which itself is ridiculous once they decide to hold hands and close a circle, its also showstopper for the hunter.