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  1. Echorion

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I always loved spell casting, especially when I could use a one handed sword and cast with the other hand. Usually games handicap the chupacabra out of you to the point no one can do that. Nothing more fun then swinging a flaming sword in one hand, and throwing fireballs with the other.... another thing Skyrim always held my interest I suppose.
  2. Echorion

    Visible Legs

    Hopefully you can see yourself in third person too somehow. Even if you cannot play in third person like Skyrim, or chivalry, at least being able to see third person in the inventory would be nice.
  3. Echorion

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Make it moddable, and like a thousand of the features players want that you can't add, someone else will for you.... One of the reasons Skyrim is so successful on PC. That is all I can really say lol.
  4. Echorion

    Suggestion For While We Wait For Hellraid

    Yeah it would help a lot, that is the number one complaint I hear about game devs, the lack of relaying information. In all honestly, I would be fine if they even skipped the early access phase entirely. Too many game devs make good money on early access, and then just walk off and leave the game abandoned, or promise fixes and updates that never come.
  5. Echorion

    Where Is The Early Access?

    Is there any other information about this? I mean there was an awfully big build up, expectations set, and then mysteriously all indication of that was removed. A lot of upset people on steam. Could you consider providing more information or updating your steam page? Thank you for your time though, nice to see a response.
  6. Echorion

    Our Team Needs Your Help

    Someone's Jones'n for a Bones'n