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    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    -Tuesday, June 27th 2018- To Whom It May Concern, Dear Techland, you got both me and my brother's money for this game we just bought on Xbox One, ***specifically*** for playing co-op. I HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR HARD EARNED CASH. That being said, the co-op is broken beyond belief: -My D-Link DIR-655 is not even IPV6 capable (as it's apparently an issue), but support 802.11N and connect at 30ms WIFI latency, 9ms with Ethernet cable, over a dedicated 100/30 megabit cable internet connection. No VPN used. The DNS server is the ultra fast with as the backup. QOS is enabled and configured. -Each X-Box have their own specific static NAT addresses (in the high 50K range, which is usually more compatible), manually configured in both the router and the 2 X-Boxes (No UPnP). -No other games give us any online co-op problems: GTA V, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Diablo 3, Destiny, etc... all while using Skype in the background for communication! -With a 100mb download pipe, I can stream multiple 4K streams, simultaneously. Bandwidth and latency are clearly not the issue here. -And yes, we are on the same network and no, this doesn't justify your game not working properly, peer-to-peer or not, as everything is setup properly and should also work properly, even on the same network, as everything else we are using does already as the proof. -The online game mode was set to "public" on both console (also tried friends only) and the human co-op mode was enabled. -We both finished the prologue. We are at 8% and 22% completion respectively. -Tried to start a new game on both console to try to connect immediately after co-op mode is unlocked. -Tried to connect while in the same safe house. Tried to connect outside of a safe house. -Tried to boot fresh, start "Dying Light" and hit "'continue" on my X-Box and immediately inviting a friend. -Tried to re-boot both console and connect multiple times in all manner imaginable over the last few days -I disconnected all smart phone, smart TV, laptops, the NAS, the Workstation and tablets from the network so only the 2 X-Boxes remain connected to the DHCP server. -An HP gigabit switch was also removed from the router, just in case. -I obviously rebooted the modem and the router. -The game says on both console that our NAT is open and there should be no problem with online. -Re-did all of this in different orders, multiple times. But every single time it give the error "The session you have attempted to join is no longer available". My brother does not even show up as my friend on your online connection page within the game! I must select him on the X-Box OS menu to join the game! Then I see my brother name tag actually joining my game for a brief moment and then boom, error. A "quick join" session was achieved with strangers, 2 times, out of 12 unsuccessful attempts, and that's the best result we got. Impossible to connect with any friends. The internet is littered with very frustrated players like me plagued with the online game issues at forums like Reddit and Steam, just to name 2. It's not the exception, it's the rule, on all platforms. This game has been out since 2015 and still get new DLC, so I can only assume the rumors you abandoned the "Dying Light" player base is false. But then again, you guys are on record, multiple times, on multiple forums, over the last 3 freakin years, that this nightmare will be fixed "soon." Please note that your very loose definition of "soon" is not acceptable anymore. I have *1* very specific question. I'll say this this only once, so read very carefully: When, ***EXACTLY***, will the "Dying Light" co-op mode be fixed? I want a precise month, preferably in 2018... You dropped the ball so hard and for so long on that one that nothing less than an absolute commitment will do at this point as your credibility is now at zero. I hope you understand you can't possibly say "soon" like 32 times in a row over a 3 years period and expect people to still trust you, right? Please, I implore you, do not force our collective hands toward an all out Twitter and Youtube retaliation campaign to denounce your corporate dubious practices of lying about a functional co-op mode (as STILL specified on X-Box store "Dying Light" description and features) and push for a boycott of "Dying Light 2". Just do the professional and responsible thing you should have done over 2 years and a half ago: Fix this broken POS ASAP. Or remove the co-op mode entirely and refund us all?!? Your move, Techland. What will it be? Co-op, or no Co-op? That's the black and white question we're all asking after 3 long years and after you sold nearly 14 million copies of this game and pilling on our money ever since. Do not make the "Dying Light 2" 800 million dollars mistake of being in contempt of us all... The clock is ticking. Sincerely, Ramon