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  1. Are there many here that are still playing the game? I must admit to buying the game on PSN when it was on special a few weeks ago. I was wondering what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. The game admittedly comes (in my opinion) a close second to another well know farming simulation, but beats the other two games of the genre. It was nice to get free stuff from the Trade Center (when it was unlocked) I completed the Campaign only to discover that the Side Quests were no longer there. I did have a save a few days into the Campaign so went onto that and have now progressed up to the return from Japan, which gave me the opportunity to complete all the Side Quests, which now means I have all but one Trophy. I can see myself finishing this Campaign and not resorting to Sapphires to buy the farm. I currently have the cows (for the milk), a small Cabbage Greenhouse, a Plum Orchard, Apple Orchard and Pear Orchard for around $60,000 income every three days. My next task is to harvest the rice in Japan (won’t bother to replant). Unfortunately the remaining Trophy is the one to complete all the Challenges, Seeing as I don’t always play for a long time, the challenges are annoying as there is no Save function. I started the first needed to save and had to quit, losing my progress. One annoying thing was trying to load the manure to the trailer with the small Zetor Tractor and front loader as it couldn’t reach high enough to drop the manure into the trailer easily (I did manage it first time through the Campaign somehow). Fortunately the game seemed to have change since I last tried this and I was able to use the JCB to transfer the manure to sell. The occasional stutter in playing is a minor frustration but does not detract from my enjoyment (seriously)! I did have loading failures (on Travel) in the later stages of my original Campaign, but found that going with a vehicle seemed to solve the problem. After completing all the other countries, I transported everything that was not crop specific and of any use back to Montana. It would be nice if the Hired Workers were not totally incompetent. At least leaving the spraying or fertilising to them is not too bad. I did try Bale collection and it did manage one run of about 4 bales before failing (on a decent size field of over 100 bales). Pity there is no option for a rectangular bale system as it doesn’t need a manual unload and would save a fair amount of time on a large field.
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    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    I had a crash on Travel to Columbia. Hadn’t done any expansions in Italy. I eventually found I could travel to any map a long as I took a vehicle with me. Playing on PS4.
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    I started the first Challenge in Montana and harvested two fields and had to get off. I was a little unimpressed to find I couldn’t save my progress, so I just had to quit. Why is there no Save game option in the Challenge Section?