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  1. God I just hope they keep all the parkour and agility and power and finishing moves they had in the previous game and add news ones to the skill tree, also would love to see more physics with the grappling hook.
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    Dying light 2

    Dear techland, I would like to say thanks for releasing a dying light 2 trailer on your channel it’s amazing and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Does anyone know when there will be a release date to play this game?
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    Every time I post it I have issues and it tells me it hasn’t been posted. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. Dear techland, Bring the old troublemaker outfit back, enhanced night sense like the e3 2014 trailer, crane doesn’t say anything during the day or night when being chased by virals or volatiles, vault ability needs to be like the first demo you showcased, one handed charge ability has a delay in reasponse compared to the e3 demos where it’s fast and quick fix it pls, bring back the old x ray effect you showed in demos where it shows and highlights in red and you can break the ribs and collarbone and head and any other body part pls, remove the ability to sleep until day and it ruins the scary aspect of dying light, bring back the wall running drop attack ability and punch a zombie in the heart back pls. Kind regards Danny Zaidan good night and good luck
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, much love to the tech team. I hope that you take my ideas into consideration because trust me the fans would love to have these in game just as much as I do :)). Kind Regards Danny Zaidan good night and good luck
  6. Small adjustments to dying light, please. watch the full video below before replying so you can get a understanding of what I’m saying. I’ve played dying light for 4 years and I’ve picked up on these missing things that will make dying light better. Techland pls read this, will make my day :)) 1. New agility, power, finishing moves, wallrunning drop attack, wallrunning, rip a zombies heart out, slice there head off with a machete 2. Old troublemaker outfit back 3. Grappling hook physics 4. Highlight it in red when we break a zombie part, so we know techland. More visceral. 5. Night has to be scary like the e3 2014 trailer 6. Vault ability should look like the first demo you showcased really visceral 7. Night sense should look like gamescom e3 2014 trailer 8. Change blood color of zombies from red to black pls 9. Black smoke effects as shown in the video 10. Zombies need to sound like this in the trailer it’s much more eary and scary 11. One more important thing that ruins dying light is the ability to sleep to the morning please get rid of it. https://youtu.be/qxZTwN2tbt0
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