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    Daimerion reacted to 33miles- in Console update 1.1.4 out now   
    Hi Daimerion.  Consoles did get an update. Both PC and console are now on version 1.2. I have this game on XBOX One S and PC and since the update I have only tried it on my XBOX. Germany is working great performance wise and they fixed its greenhouse, plus the spray washer works far better on cleaning frontloaders and stuff attached to tractors. But my other favorite map Columbia is having a bit more trouble now... Performance is worse and there’s quite a bit of stuttering when driving a vehicle, can’t really see it when just walking around though. Another thing that seems to have been bugged is the consistency of the pesticide sprayer. I can easily miss parts of rows, and I have to sometimes go back for just a few stragglers. That never seemed to happen before. This is coffee I’m talking about, I have not tried olives or the orange orchards since the patch. So I hope that helps Daimerion. Try out yours and let the rest of the community know how it goes.