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  1. ChronicPanda

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Instead of the final version of the Escape soundtrack, they should use the "Pre-alpha" version since it's a lot more intense with all the extra drums/instruments. A few map creators on PC have actually found the Pre-alpha track in the game's files and included it in their map like "Harran Shelter" for example.
  2. ChronicPanda

    Issue With Missing Foliage - Downgrade?

    I think Lena's new model fits her character better. Lena is obviously the head nurse of the tower; the old outfit made her look as if she was part of the runner team that scavenged and killed through-out the slums. The new outfit suits her more and easily identifies what Lena's purpose to the tower is.
  3. ChronicPanda

    Fan Video Showcase

    So around 2 years ago, I've posted on the forums about building a world based on Dead Island in a voxel indie game "total miner". Recently I uploaded a video showcasing my world in it's current state before it undergoes some design changes; I felt like sharing this video to the techland community. I really want to attempt at building a fully fledged out voxel world based on Dying Light sometime in the future, but for now all my focus is on Dead Island. I still love Dying Light a lot so I decided to include a restored version of the tower which is still being worked on and briefly seen in my video. In fact I actually made a short fan video over dying light a year before it was released; I went blind trying to design the filming sets since we obviously haven't explored Harran yet lol. I don't remember if I shared the dying light video on the forums. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. I may actually plan on making another dying light fan video probably around the summer.
  4. ChronicPanda

    Possible Viral Bugs & Virals Spawn More

    Yes, the devs purposely included these factors to give the virals some character/detail. I assume the virals that are found vomiting/leaning against a wall around areas in old town had just recently transformed under the infection. The spawn rate has definitely increased, especially in the following dlc. Virals just pop out of some openings sometimes, and this is most noticeable in Old Town since they tend to jump out of windows/doors or sewer pipes when you're venturing around "most likely for mini jump scares" lol.
  5. ChronicPanda

    2 Night In A Row No Volatiles To Kill!

    Have, you taken out any volatile nest ? This sort of lowers the spawn rate of the volitiles in some areas I assume.
  6. ChronicPanda

    Dead Island: Definitive Collection ?

    Yeah, I'm sure techland and their experiences with Dying Light, are able to go in and tackle the bugs and glitches that plagued the old version of Dead Island. I agree that the publisher's "Deep Silver" suck, they should let go of holding the rights to Dead Island since clearly they don't know how to handle the Dead Island Franchise as well as techland . Personally, I had hopes in Yager for developing Dead Island 2 since they made, spec-ops, but they ended up trashing the whole idea about Dead Island. Yager's version of Dead Island 2 was disappointing, it didn't even had a story. Basically DI2 was about: you and other survivors deciced to stay in the quarantine zone of California just for fun.... like wtf. Pretty much you have no purpose except just killing zombies for enjoyment in DI2. California isn't even and island too lmao !!! I could say a lot more, but I'll just keep low for now. Escape Dead Island was kind of okay, but it ended up being a rushed "toned down" attempt of being "telltale's: The Walking Dead" series.
  7. ChronicPanda

    Dead Island: Definitive Collection ?

    I've looked at the main video and some screenshots and it seems that the new version of Dead Island is a lot more crisp and vibrant than the previous version. Plus the npc models look a lot more clear than the oddly blurry/shiny/plastic npc models in the old version. Don't forget about the new lighting system too, it looks great. I hope that the bugs get fixed up and that the number of zombies are increased.
  8. ChronicPanda

    Dead Island: Definitive Collection ?

    I found that info on deep silver's website It's possible that techland had some involvement in this project, but idk for sure. So yes it is running on Chrome engine 6 apparently
  9. So today I've found out the original Dead Island series is being revamped for next gen. I would like to ask a few questions to any techland members on here. Q1: It seems that Techland was involved with deep silver again to make this "definitive" edition. Is this true ? Q2: If you were actually involved, is this version of Dead Island running on Chrome engine 6 or an improved version of Chrome engine 5 ? I quite find it surprising that there's a new version of Dead Island coming out. Dead Island is one of my favorite games, due to the unique tropical setting and even though the story wasn't that great, I still enjoyed it very much. Dying light is also one of my favorites, I could say so much about why I like Dying light, but that would turn into a very long page lol. I would say one of my favorite things about Dying Light is the horror aspect, which other zombie games lack. UPDATE: So I found out Dead Island is ported to chrome 6 which is GREAT !!!!!!
  10. So I was just wandering around the countryside map, looking around in a safe house and I happened to come across a minor Easter egg . Can anyone guess what this refers to ??
  11. ChronicPanda

    Issue With Missing Foliage - Downgrade?

    I never would of noticed this really, well maybe for the disappearing ferns I guess. I assume this is some kind of texture bug. There's a lot more foliage in "The Countryside" map so it's kind of strange of why there's some missing/disappearing foliage in the original maps. I don't know about the npc characters though. The most noticeable tweaks are the colors and lighting tones. The environment looks more vibrant/crisp than the previous version which looked a bit gritty and washed out. The newer graphics tweaks almost look similar to the 2013 alpha version of Dying Light, it just lacks a hint of "DoF" effects and other minor things. I would say using the macro processing effect looks similar to the alpha version, but it's a lot more blue toned and depending on the time of day, looks odd xD.
  12. ChronicPanda

    Absolutely Astounding

    Recently downloaded the updates and OMG this is just too much for my heart to handle xD !!! The map is alot more massive than I thought it would be. The first few missions were intense like when I had to follow the water pipes before the whole water station gets ruined. I didn't know I had to get in the car so I did this on foot sadly xD which was a huuuuuge mistake. Don't let the map fool you, locations are alot more further than they appear on the pause menu map. I also like the nice graphics tweaks, the world seems more vibrant and fresh than the old gritty muddy version. Also the AI infected seem more aggressive too. Techland you really did an outstanding job !!!! by the way has anyone encountered these walkers that transform into "night runners" during the day near the barn ? I don't know if that's supposed to happen.
  13. ChronicPanda

    "look And Feel" Improvements

    I think it would be nice to see a mix of elements from the early build of Dying Light and a mix of newer visuals. I found footage of an early version of Dying Light which differs from the final version. It seems in some areas, there was lack of details in some areas compared to the current version of Dying Light. However, the early build was a bit more vibrant, had some nice visual effects, and neat zombie details.
  14. ChronicPanda

    Do Consoles Get The Upgraded Graphics?

    Yes, consoles will get not only just upgraded graphics, but all the features of the enhanced update with an additional console performance improvement.
  15. I felt like sharing some of my drawings that are "Dying Light" themed. These pictures were taken with an iphone so they may look altered from its original. I hope you like them Here's the link 1. Volatile 2. Harran Biter