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  1. Gheazu

    So, this is losing its popularity then...

    :)) well mate all I can say is I'm sorry for you. you got scammed. This game is not a simulator and is not for adults, this game is for children and we did not see a update from may 24 no mods no community no support Now I see this as a fail and unfortunately no one cares They keep throwing lies in advertising and apparently they still made sells. They pay some streamers and youtubers to say game is ammonizing and that is it. See you on cnc pr fs18 Take care mate
  2. Gheazu

    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    You cant take any mod and added to the "Workshop" :)
  3. :)) is a magical game where chicken and rabbit eat magical food and drink magical water, no effort at all , pigs and cows don't need water (magic power +10) list go`s on and on. What do you want to talk about ?
  4. Chris_Of_Big you do realize people are angry for good reason's
  5. Gheazu

    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    Well play guys we ask for : - new crops - hire workers to WORK - livestock - water and food (hello, chickens feed with magical food :))) in this game ) Well we ask for a decent game and we get WORKSHOP :)) (this say build your on game we do not care ) Good job I will definitely buy and pre order all the games Ice Flames develop and Techland sells , you really made a good name your software rules
  6. Gheazu

    I quit

    I think the game was a bust they advertise good they sell at big price 30 euro for a unfinished game with 0 support. So they take the money and that is it :) Game is death no update will resurrect this game C&C cost the same and they have tones of things to do and is in beta. Other words Pure Farming fail to give what they promise on the birth side this game is for children to play farming and has nothing to do with a farm sim..... 15 euro is a fair price for this game not 30
  7. Gheazu

    Installing mods

    Pick a mod and I will make u a photo guide how to. I've install them all on P.C. (they have graphical bugs)
  8. Gheazu

    Feeding cows correctly

    well I made some test. It dos not mater with what u feed the cows u get same result U can buy fodder from the pallet next to cow barn and u get same milk same manure etc... at the end u get same results .. Livestock are a joke in this game. Same with crops use manure or chemical u will get same amount of crops. At this point I just realize Iv`ben lie and cheated buy the massive advertising (Pure Farming = Pure Joke Farming 2018 ) this is not a farming simulator is just a game for children to play farm. All your action have no reaction ,is just a waste of time you get no satisfaction, if u feed cows with prepared fodder or the one you buy
  9. Gheazu

    fodder storage

    Where is the fodder storage ? and how can use SIPMA NO 4000 KOMBO ?
  10. Gheazu

    What we need!!!

    have u check out cattle and crops ? it has amazing flutters
  11. Gheazu

    What we need!!!

    here is a video how to FOV shod look like when u are inside a tractor u shod be able to see booth mirrors no turning your head
  12. Gheazu

    Virus on Mod Site.

    I install them I did not get any virus but be carful in mods there is no .exe so if u download .exe do not click on it FYI ("For your information," ) the mods are not ok visual bugs unfinished graphics and so on (no mirror effect ) and they look like a box with wills
  13. Gheazu

    What we need!!!

    Give it time guys they will fix it they will make it grate we need to support projects like this to become great. And then is not what we want is what the developers plan to do. I know all this takes time I'm not a developer but I code in php and I know is not easy and fast to make it work. So we can offer our opinion and support them. Good things do not come over night it takes years of hard work. The work they did is amazing
  14. Gheazu

    What we need!!!

    Hello to all. First of all thank you for this game I play the game for a 1 month and is really boring nothing else to do. We are missing a lorry trailer for animals (very annoying selling only 4 animals at the time, we can have 45 cows it will take u hours of doing same thing to sell them ) The mirrors are super but the driver position is wrong (we all know u need to see booth mirrors, u do not need to turn your head to see the left or right mirror ) really annoying We need a bigger potato planter We need new crops new roots (game is really limited) corn ......... etc.. (Montana map with no corn ) Cows and pigs etc.. they do not need water :)) rabbit and chickens they do not need food make grass available (to feed our live stock) We have machines for weeds no seeds to grow !!! What to do with bails ? why do I want to rape them or make them ? (animal food is convenient next to barns) Large machine to irrigate large fields Illuminate the interior of machine at night time more zoom out for bigger machine so we can see what we do Manual washing is a hell special if u have a weight in front Orchid: When they are done u shod employ people to get the fruits or at list u shod pass with a trailer true the orchid Trucks / Lorry turn speed is bug 2km/h that is a bad joke Allow us to drop crops/ roots at the edge of fields (this way u can add a loader so we can spend that $ we make, I manage to have millions nothing to do with $) And the list go's and on Really sorry for my broken English Again thank your for this lovely game and I know u all work hard on it and I'm egger to see what is next (pleas do not relay on custom mods cause they will come slow and full o bugs)