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  1. SnowFarmer

    Version 1.30 Patch Notes

    Try about 5 hrs!!! For finding different machines in the shop? I printed out the list so I could look for them and could find none of them "By name", What am I to do buy each one to find the one I like or want? As for the graphics all in all they aren't that bad, I wasn't griping about the quality but "LAG" here and there is no biggie, But almost constant is unacceptable. They either never optimized the game for AMD as they had Nvidia since AMD isn't listed in the specs or They forgot about AMD. And one other thing for your information I've played this game on an old office pc with a GT710 1gb card on Low far below the specs and it played the same, So it is the game not my rig. Game performance is the issue period, I can figure out the rest.
  2. SnowFarmer

    Version 1.30 Patch Notes

    Kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to a game with fixes to the graphics. But instead it's still very jerky no matter if I'm trying to go fast in a truck, tractor, traveling down roads, in a field, or just slowing down to back into my shed it lags somewhat. And it's not my rig because it's got more then enough to handle the game specs are as follows. AMD FX 6300 6 core 3.5/4.0ghz, XFX Radeon RX550 4ghz ddr5 OC Graphics Card, 32gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram. It can run any game I throw at it on Ultra... But this game here is laggy even if I lower all settings from Ultra to Medium makes no difference so I just play it on Ultra. Even if medium settings cleared up my problems I wouldn't like it because with this rig why waste it playing a game I have to run on medium settings that is more then capable of running it on Ultra. I was looking forward to some of the new machines you were giving us but I spent over a half an hour and couldn't find any of them I really was looking forward to the 4wd tractor but it's no where to be found? I must be missing something. Either the descriptions aren't clear or the pictures misrepresent the equipment if they are even there. The only thing I did see was a bit of improvement on the graphics and the White Lettered Tires on some of my equipment. But even with all the polish it still needs a lot of work. It's sad to see a game that hasn't been out 6 months having to give 60% off just to boost sales. That's to me a sign the game is dying, I also think that the makers were relying on the player base to mod problems away but the player base was never that big ti begin with, and is shrinking even now. As for the AI it may be fixed but I can't say because I never played with the AI to begin with because I like doing stuff myself. That being said it may have been a nice try but it fell far short of the attempt to even make a decent playable game.
  3. SnowFarmer

    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    Good question? I haven't been able to add any mods at all, Even following their instructions or any others I can find. But not much of a problem considering there isn't that many of them to begin with.
  4. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't switch while playing a game, I keep separate save games for each map. I know that's not the way it was designed to play, But I like concentrating on one map at a time.
  5. Considering everyone seems to be comparing this game to FS I'll use that as an example. The chickens on FS never have had required water or feed.... What's the difference between the two? Can't compare rabbits since FS has never had any. Cows on FS 15 on one of the default maps you couldn't water them no matter how hard you tried and they never fixed it, Even though many complained about it. Pigs are the only thing that FS did get right at the start. And my guess is when FS 19 comes out it'll be messed up to in some way, The game may not be perfect but it's fun.... And hay guess what any game I have ever played hasn't been perfect...
  6. While it may be true that there are reasons for players to be angry. By the looks of the membership of this forum there was not much interest in the game to begin with. Even trying to find a group on let's say facebook to join to talk about the game and help with game play problems proves the game has never really been given a chance or had much support to begin with wither by players or programmers. Blame goes both ways.
  7. SnowFarmer

    I quit

    I'd been wanting to try it so when Steam had it at 33 percent off I decided to give it a try, In a lot of ways I wish I'd saved the money for pre order of FS19 when it comes out this fall.
  8. SnowFarmer

    Dead or what

    I love the game, and while it still has issues.... I figured that there would be much more interest in it then this, I'm also amazed that there isn't more activity on these forums then this. Before the latest patch 1.2.0 it played pretty much flawless on my PC the occasional jerk here and there but nothing to really cause me any problems during play, now I am having problems quite a lot with lag and frame rate drops. Adjusting of the graphic and video settings have helped some but haven't gotten rid of it totally. It's just a shame I have to drop some settings from High to Medium... I think the main problem is everyone expects FS and PF to be alike in every respect, Thing is they are totally different games and players need to realize this. Now that being said while I think PF is a game with real possibility, The makers have got to get the bugs fixed for people to really take it seriously otherwise people are just going to walk past it and go to FS. I am a player of FS since 2011 but prefer PF over it.. I just want a game that plays good and has the bugs fixed first, and then all the glitz and glimer can be added.
  9. SnowFarmer

    Automatic Car Wash

    Thanks bunches. I thought I must have been going crazy or something, But it's always good to know your not the only one.
  10. SnowFarmer

    We want your feedback based on previews

    Totally agree I hate crop wither. Although I do know if playing free farming, your crops don't wither even after 6 days after the harvesting window has passed. Now that doesn't apply to livestock, orchards, or greenhouses... But it is a help.
  11. SnowFarmer

    Fuel Depots

    Hello: I have a suggestion on making it easier to get fuel. I think it would be nice if we had a refueling pump at our farm, I find it very annoying to have to drop what I am doing to drive half way across the map just to refuel, Only to then burn a gallon or two to get back to my field that I am working on. I am not saying we shouldn't have to pay the same price for fuel from the pump at our farm but it would just make it much better and less time consuming if we didn't have to drive across the blasted map to get it. Also it would be nice if we had a portable fuel trailer that we could take out to the field to our tractors/equipment if we run low instead of having to hold our breath hoping to make it to the fuel station before it runs out and we have to pay the high price to have it delivered to us through our tablet.
  12. SnowFarmer

    Automatic Car Wash

    Hi: on the Montana Map I have been trying to get/use the Automatic Car Wash. How do i get it to work? I've tried stopping dead center, Driving slowly through it, Leaving the tractor in the Car Wash walking out of it and allowing the doors to close then going back in and nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Or am I missing something? Or is it one of those things they put in the game but never activated the triggers, Or was it just for looks? Thanks.
  13. SnowFarmer

    Installing mods

    OK Thanks... But which site is the official one for PF 2018 and the mods?
  14. SnowFarmer

    Installing mods

    Here is one of the many I am interested in. I take it all use the same procedure? Sounds like it's one of the many things someone needs to fix, But being this is their first game of this sort they haven't done to bad of a job. Not to mention it is quite a learning curve from the others. Thanks for your help.
  15. SnowFarmer

    Installing mods

    I to have tried to install miods and have had no success, Even using the above mentioned site. I guess I'll just stick with the ones I can buy and what comes with the game itself, The instructions are easy enough but I have to be missing something?