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  1. Hi, I hope I'm on the right section of this forum. I saw few translation errors, French version. First, on the "stat" tab, Livestock, first line, it's written "IINVENTAIRE", correct word is "INVENTAIRE". Second issue, in the vehicle shop, under Farming or Culture, description of the Great Plains 2S2600HD is in german. Last translation issue, in the chicken coop, the first step is called "Poulets", but the correct word is "Poussins" (which is a baby chicken). Thank you !
  2. Krazog

    Official Mod-Hub?

    Same here. It would be great if mods are hosted on game or on Steam Workshop.
  3. Krazog

    Some suggestions

    I play this game for about 3 weeks now, really appreciate it, and I have some suggestions about. Why can't we feed rabbits and chickens ? Maybe a little food/water consumption will add some realism. Same for cow and pigs, they don't need to drink actually. For example, a little 1000 L consumption per week will be reasonable. From the previous suggestion, add corn culture to feed our animals. Add a paintjob option. Just to change the main color of our tractors/cars. Maybe it's impossible due to licences. But it'll be great to have all of our tractors in the same color. Add an autosave option. Add a female character. Yes, I'm a man, but like to play females in video games I can't find grass culture, to feed cows with, and a barn to store it. Option will be great for people who wants to specialize in breeding. Add forestry, maybe in a DLC with all stuff. Montana map have a perfect place to do it, upper left corner. Add more dynamic prices. For example, if we always sell meat to butcher, price will decrease, and increase at the hamburger restaurant. Thanks for reading, guys !