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    Updated Crafting System Idea.

    Sorry, not sure what happened with the formatting there, it only appeared like that after it was posted, maybe a mod can fix it... It's kind of an eye sore.
  2. Pasted from the steam forums. Greetings all. Just figured I'd throw this in the dedicated forum , what do you think? Alright, here it is guys. After seeing related posts/comments for a while now, I decided to come up with a simple idea for the crafting system I think everyone can like. It was made with Nightmare in mind, but works easily on all difficulties as you will see below. I know Techland visits these forums (sometimes?), so maybe with enough feedback from everyone here (that is, if you like the idea), they might notice it, and perhaps consider it. Seeing as how they still actively support the game with new content and such, I figured why not give it a try. In my opinion, It could be a good idea for a patch along with the content drops we keep getting, as one final "touch-up" to the game before they eventually get to some kind of final version. So, here we go. All the crafting system needs is a couple of changes: #1. Just as in some other games, instead of creating the item right away when hitting Enter, it would first open a window allowing you to select the amount you wish to make, up to a limit based on the amount of materials available and/or inventory space available. Hit Enter when the amount is selected. The selected amount would begin crafting individually, in a queue. If you simply want one, hit Enter twice (default amount is 1 of course). #2. The ability to craft any amount of the same item instantly, inside safe zones. Now, with those two changes in mind, here is exactly how crafting would work: Outside safe zones: Select the item you want to craft, hit Enter, select the amount, hit Enter again, and the queue begins. Items are still made one by one, however you don't have to spam Enter anymore. Hit a cancel button on the window to stop (or hit Esc if you need to exit the menus like usual, canceling it in the process) and you will at least have the items you managed to create so far. It basically functions the same as it is now, but without your dedicated and constant input. Inside safe zones: The "passive mode" feature of safe zones will now allow you to skip the queuing altogether when crafting. Select the amount, hit Enter, a single loading bar for the whole amount, done. (If you have a problem with that, let’s just use “video game logic” and call it a time-lapse ) The second one can be applied on all other difficulties, whether inside or outside a safe zone, since the game is paused anyways. Might as well let us craft in chunks. That pretty much sums it up. I don't think it's too complicated and would make crafting a lot smoother. If it sounds good to you, give it a +1 or something for whatever it’s worth. Maybe throw in your own tweaks to the idea, or post any issues I might have missed. The rest here can be skipped I guess, it's just the reasoning behind my idea. Based on the whole “passive mode” safe zone mechanic, I figured it would be nice to have crafting work differently depending on whether or not you are inside of it. Being outside is pretty much the same, including the risk involved, but the change would encourage you even more to do it inside a safe zone and plan ahead a bit more. On that note, it's been mentioned by others before (including myself actually) that the loading bar/time should be removed, but this doesn't change the fact that you still have to spam the key when crafting large amounts of the same item. This would help and is probably the quickest fix, but I figured my idea would only have you hit Enter once per chunk, and wouldn’t result in lowering the intended risk of being in the menus out in the field. If it were my choice, I would even increase crafting time a little outside safe zones... Want to craft medkits on some mailbox while slowly dying from poison, surrounded by enemies? Sure, 3 minutes to craft an item now! Feeling the pressure? Alright, I’m done. Have a good day!