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  1. Drakorus

    Be the Zombie tournament!

    We are Runners is bringing you a new Dying Light BTZ tournament: This tournament will run on a point buy system for items, auto included items like flares and UV will be free. Explosives WILL BE ALLOWED, this is a game about skill and everything that Dying Light has to offer as long as it's not modded/hacked or cheating. NHers will be using their endgame setup to bring the entire toolset to the board. It will be a best of 3 rounds with the finals being best of 5, loadouts can be changed during match but only if you have remaining points/items that you have already assigned points to but not equipped. There will be a prize pool of 100$ + anything earned via stream for the matches(gonna try to see if I can setup a good way to spectate) https://battlefy.com/absurd-gaming/harran-summer-nights/5b0169e3c4e5a903ac61dc8a/info
  2. Drakorus

    Make BTZ an official mode!

    Right now there's no true asym that competes with BTZ's pace of play if it was an official mode that was developed it would be a place to corner the market.