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  1. 33miles-

    Version 1.30 Patch Notes

    Looks pretty nice! Can’t wait to test it out a bit later today. Thanks so much devs for continuing to update the game for us. I have a question about the animal rebalancing though. Will it make them live longer? I really hope it does. Also is this change affecting all animal types or just some? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. 33miles-

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Hi Daimerion. Consoles did get an update. Both PC and console are now on version 1.2. I have this game on XBOX One S and PC and since the update I have only tried it on my XBOX. Germany is working great performance wise and they fixed its greenhouse, plus the spray washer works far better on cleaning frontloaders and stuff attached to tractors. But my other favorite map Columbia is having a bit more trouble now... Performance is worse and there’s quite a bit of stuttering when driving a vehicle, can’t really see it when just walking around though. Another thing that seems to have been bugged is the consistency of the pesticide sprayer. I can easily miss parts of rows, and I have to sometimes go back for just a few stragglers. That never seemed to happen before. This is coffee I’m talking about, I have not tried olives or the orange orchards since the patch. So I hope that helps Daimerion. Try out yours and let the rest of the community know how it goes.
  3. Is anyone else’s greenhouse on Germany messed up as of yesterday’s patch? Had to re-buy it even though I had already owned it at level 2. Now it’s stuck at level 1 and won’t let me upgrade it back to 2 because the notification says the construction site is blocked. The only thing I can think of is that when I first started my farm the greenhouse wasn’t built, it was just materials and I bought it and it built itself to a level 1 and then paid more for level 2. But yesterday morning after the patch the greenhouse was already standing and had the look of a level 1 only I didn’t own it anymore. So maybe the skipped building step has something to do with it. I hope this gets fixed because peppers sell really well once you have a whole DAF truck load of them which doesn’t take too long with the stage 2 greenhouse. But at least we got the ability to buy sheep, and the new faster running looks pretty cool, along with all the other fixes. Thanks for reading, and please Techland and Ice Flames look into this and maybe add it to your list. I appreciate it.
  4. 33miles-

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    I am now able to buy sheep! The option pops up after new update. The only problems I see that the update caused is that even though I have feed for the cows the troughs look empty. But I bet that will change the next time I mix up some food for them. Also my greenhouse required me to purchase it again, and even worse it won’t let me upgrade it back to level 2... It just keeps saying that the construction site is blocked. So I appreciate the update (and the sheep) but a bit more work needs to be done. Please update the game again soon, thanks.
  5. Thanks Gabrielmpf. I’ll have to take a look.
  6. Awesome! Where did you find that out Farming Fool? I would love to read about it.
  7. Hi James! Any new info on how the console update is coming along? Thanks!
  8. 33miles-

    BUG - Can't buy Sheep

    I am also unable to buy sheep in Germany. I stand in the green circle but no option comes up. Does anyone know if there is news of a patch inbound soon? I’m an Xbox player. Until this is fixed I suppose I’ll be focusing on cows. Thanks for your time.