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  1. I again fully agree with you, but i have to be honest and say that i am used to that kind of behavior of big developers/publishers. I have been mapping with Half Life2 and the episodes 1 and 2 for HL2 the last 10 years or so, made by Valve. And Valve really is the top when it comes to treading your game fans badly, considdered to Valve Techland really is not so bad yet. Because Valve not only did not answer through forums, (although a few devs did sometimes answer personal mails in there spare time but this only happened a few times in 10 years). But more important, Valve kept updating there tools systhem i believ 6 times in 10 years and each time it made that all mods didn't work anymore. I made 5 very large mods with it and i can't tell you how much times in have had to go back in in those mods and fix all kind of stutt that worked fine before. And not only was it that alone, but at least 3 times it broke things for which was no fix known, also not by Valve itself. So the community had to come up with fixes themselves!!! From my 5 mods i believe only my last mod, which was released 1,5 years ago, does work. All others are again, broken!!! I believe Techland had released a update which made that released maps suddenly lost some assets, which made that houses that before looked great now suddenly missed stuff. At least i have seen many such broken mods in the workshop, and somesaid it came through a update. So you can imagine how awefull this is, and this techland update only caused some walls to disapear. But as i said, i fully agree with you. It also keeps amazing me each time these thinsg happen, when companies move on to new games and leave everyone behind without any support. But it seams that that is game land. Leon
  2. Yes, you could be right! So odd, a good community service and forum managment is these days a must! And you could say they earned enough money with DL to hire some girl who at least handles the forum, but ok, no prolem. Did read by the way in another topic, were someone did reply from Techland, that they didn't had much time to react here and work on apps because they were working on 2 major new games, beside that DL new multiplayer bad, bad blood or something. This comment was from last month, so good news! 2 new games. Hope a new DL and a new Call of Guarez?!?! Tried to find that topic back but can't find it so quick, sorry. Leon
  3. SPYmaps

    Dying light companion

    WOW great news!!!! 2 projects BESIDE Bad Blood!!!!! Am so interested to know which those could be, i hope a huge DLC for Dying Light?!?!?! or maybe even a Dying Light 2 ??????? Would be understandeble, Dying Light has been a VERY successfull game, did sell super, so from that perspective a part 2 would make much, much sence. We can only hope for now!!! Leon (when you want to change your color from white/grey to black or any other color then do so when you type!)
  4. Doomguy told me in another forum that it can be fixed for when you type by changing the color from automaticly to a color you want. I choose red for now clearly. But, can't help myself and think that Techland did this on purpose, why otherwise does this happen suddenly. As soon as you do something else, even one click with the mouse, and the color changes back to white / grey again?!?! So silly this, the forums are already half dead, this will make them even worse?!?!?! Leon
  5. lets try indeed, well, when we then have to choose for a color, then i choose red, hahaha. Good idea of you to change colors here, although this only makes the one you just are tying, And it did go back to automaticly right away when i did something just now, had to choose red again. Can't releave myself from the impression that Techland is doing this on purpose, why otherwise would this happen. Then ofcourse is the question;WHY. The forums are already half dead, this will for sure make them even more unused, (is that the purpose?) Leon
  6. Before all text in topics and the one that i write myself here were black, but now they are VERY light grey, which makes them impossible to read. I have to select text so the surrounding gets blue and text white to be able to read anything. What is the matter here??? I looked if there is a setting to change colors from text on these forums, but can't find it. Does anyone else have this problem, and how to set it back. VERY ANOYING THIS!!!! Leon
  7. Before all text in topics and the one that i write myself here were black, but now they are VERY light grey, which makes them impossible to read. I have to select text so the surrounding gets blue and text white to be able to read anything. What is the matter here??? I looked if there is a setting to change colors from text on these forums, but can't find it. Does anyone else have this problem, and how to set it back. VERY ANOYING THIS!!!! Leon
  8. Thanks Doomguy, yourt right. Really odd, the text from topics and this that i write is almost white, very light grey. Can now sewe what i am doing here and had to select text to be able to read it.?!?!?!?!
  9. SPYmaps


    This forum is for the developers tools, the editor so to speak, of the game. Not the forum for the developers. But, no problem. It does surprice me that the game runs so badly on PS4, or was this the first bug you encountered. That museum part is indeed very hard, but you don't need ammo or weapons there. Personally i killed most zombies always with me feet. Just stand above them and then kick agains there head, theye explode with one kick. All in all, succes. Don't know if you have the Following, the next part to the game, because that one is also really great! Leon
  10. When i watch DL mapping tut video's i see them place lights or effects just as easely as you can place a wall or something. But when i do place a light entitie my editor freezes up for 10 secs or so, same with when i want to place that entitie that makes it possible to place fire, explotions, etc. (forgot the name right now). As soon asi placec that entitie the editor also freezes up for 10 secs or so, and, it keeps freezing up with each thing i do. Say i change color from light, as soon as i click on the field were you can change color the editor freezes up again. And in those video's this doesn't happen at all. Why is this happening to me? My computer is powerfull enough for sure to handle the game and editor, so that is not it. Hope someone can help me with this, because it makes it almost impossible to work with these entities. Leon
  11. Thanks, and that is probably it, with those double previews. Will check this tomorrow, Leon
  12. As soon as I start the editor it gives a error message. Its a small window that is called; Validator and it says; F Duplicated resource program 378 occurences I will show a screenshot of it. Below it are buttons with Cancel or Continu Anyway. I click the last one and the map loads and everything is fine. I know from previous editors that some show tons of error messages but you can just ignore them, is this also such a case or should i look in to this?
  13. SPYmaps

    How to add weapons ?

    Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, because i had build already a street with houses etc but no enemies in it, so testing it each time was no fun at all. I had default 4 melee weapons and zombies, but testing with them is not so much fun each time. Now i finally can start mapping on and concentrate my mapping around contacts with enemies, because that is the best way to map at all, at least that is my opinion. So, thanks! (funny thing, i looked everywere but couldn't find this info at all!!) Leon
  14. Thank you very much for the info! So, its called the Dummy Box, good name for it. Noticed it can be brown ground or water, but now that you say so, you do in deed need at first something to start on, makes sence! Otherwise the first asset won't stick. And i checked the link, such a wiki will give me for sure much extra new info. Great! Leon
  15. SPYmaps

    How to add weapons ?

    I am following all the great video tutorials from Techland itself and many other youtubers so i have learned by now how to add assets but when i place weapons this way then they are not usable. They are solid but static and not being able to pick up. I did find these weapons by searching for pistol, shotgun and machinegun in Meshes. So maybe these are the wrong ones, but i couldn't find any other weapons when i searched for them in the other groups like Collections and Data. Could someone please help because without any gun power it isn't that much fun to test my map each time that i build something on to it, lol. And ofcourse do i also need them in my map. Did find with my search in these forums a tutorial about how to make custom weapons and how to add weapons by player startup but that is not what i mean. I don't want to give the player right away all weapons. So, does someone know? Would be very much apriciated... greetings, Leon