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  1. Molda22

    So...hows The Game Progressing?

    I don't understand this. I was so looking forward to this game, spreading the word wherever i could, but this is not fair to us. How difficult can be to type like 2 words? Not a single comment or post or anything from the devs for like half a year now. I would understand delay of the game, i would understand restart of the marketing campaing for the game, hell i would even understand if the game was cancelled, but i just cannot understand when devs just completely ignore the community. I still hope the game will come out, but i am very concerned now.
  2. Molda22

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Perfect news. Not only the game will be better, but i seriously hate the early access / alpha / beta mania that started in game industry. It completely ruins the games in some ways. Most games these days that use early access stays in that state for so long, that the game is either never fully released or is forgotten by the time it releases. Most people cannot restrain themselves and they play the early access version of the games, which completely ruins the experience a player would have if he played the game for the first time in complete version. Sure, nobody is forcing you to do it, but as i said above, msot people cannot resist and those who can may not even see the release of the game. If i could i would gladly welcome back the times, where games would be released as finished products. I am soooo glad that Hellraid will not have early access! Thank you guys.
  3. Molda22

    Why Hellraid Looks Like My Dream Game.

    I agree, really looks lime this could be my dream coming true. There are obviously lot of aspects to the game, but i think that perhaps most crucial will be the combat feeling. It has to feel right. I don't know if anyone can produce something like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, because that combat system was really amazing special, but if someone can do this, i think it's techland. Because they nailed it perfectly in Dead Island 1, the melee combat felt great in that game, so i am optimistic about Hellraid.
  4. Molda22

    Splitscreen On Consoles

    Thanks a lot Michal for the answer, i really appreciate it. It is not very often that you see devs using some of their time to interact with the community. (Although your answer didn't really cheer me up at all ) It is a modern trend and it is sad. Some years back, most of the games had some form of splitscreen. Now it's like 1 game out of 1000. I think the reasons are quite simple (generally speaking, not talking about you guys now) - no splitscreen in games means more consoles sold, more games sold, more PSN+/xboxlive account purchased - that's it. But i understand your reasons for not having one. Have a nice day and good luck in upcoming months before release.
  5. Is there any chance of having splitscreen for consoles? That would be so awesome. These days, everything is more and more "online" and you rarely have a chance to play a good game with your friends in one room on one console, having fun, having couple of beers etc. This is game that would really shine in splitscreen. I know i've read somewhere that the splitscreen won't be available, but is it set in stone? Is there any chance that in the end splitscreen could make it into the game? And if really not, coul you guys enlighten us why? Thanks
  6. Molda22

    Steam Early Access

    I will try to avoid early acces however i can. (Even though it will be tough because i am really looking forward to this game). I am not a big fan of this modern trend in gaming when almost every game is accessible straight from the alpha or even pre-alpha. I guess its good for the games and for polishing, but i miss the times, when games came out only after they were finished, polished and everything. So it was released, you get the game home, and your first experience was great, because the game was done, tested, polished etc. I know nobody forces you to play alphas and early access etc, but when you are looking forward to a game, its hard to resist. And if you fail to resist and play the alpha, then when the game is finished, its not as good experience as it should be, because you already know that game a lot from playing alphas, betas etc. BTW i would also love GOG version.