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  2. Inaccuracy - -In the Russian localization of the game in the description on Akpil Kartoffel written that is intended for cleaning COFFEE and have potatoes Two days did not go to the game I was afraid that the potatoes will be lost on the field didn't know what to harvest is not yet considered a name for the unit Suggestion --To give the opportunity to improve the class of the field in-game currency or with prolonged use but not for possession pushing players to be active and not collecting --To give the opportunity to change the recommended culture for the field for in-game currency or just a few times in a row to land me the culture --Give the ability to change the size of the field by the amount of grass around the field and can combine neighboring fields improved to the maximum size and class having the same crop culture --Enter a sales opportunity for an unused field The following advice will anger the players To remove the ability to teleport between the canopies of goods only empty appliances and assemblies why do we need storage if you can quickly teleport from the field immediately close to the place of sale and back. It will force to buy big trailers to drive less with freight and not to jump on the map.
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    Feeding cows correctly

    1) Put in a Metaltech WP6 silo 2) Put a bale of straw 3) Add grass clippings from the vault. 1 and 2 can be swapped but not 3 otherwise the mixer will be filled in and what not to add. To the right in the table are the numbers 33/33/33 I think this is the right feed for cows. Godspeed!