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  1. peda2411_AUT

    Feeding cows correctly

    I want to get the maximum productivity from the cows. So I want to feed them with the Metaltech WP6. I already have filled the grass silo near the cow shed to 100%. And there are already some grass and some straw bales. How the grass in the silo get to silage? What I have to put in the Metaltech WP6 to get the right mixture? 1 grass bale, 1 straw bale and the rest silage? Did I have to wait with the feeding till the old "standard" food is empty? Sorry for the big amount of questions, but there are no answers given in the game encyclopedia. What is the right way to report bugs? Here or make a support ticket? I already have more than 20 to report ... :-(
  2. peda2411_AUT

    Problem with pigs sidequest

    Nice, this workaround worked for me. Unfortunately there is another strange thing with the pig pens. When I want to fill in the potatoes from the trailer, the transfer starts very slowly. But then, the trailer is empty from one second to the other but the filling level from the pig pen don't grow. After a reload of the savegame, the transfer is not possible anymore. Same problem at both owned pig pens. I will give it another try when the complete food is consumed...
  3. peda2411_AUT

    Problem with pigs sidequest

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I get this idea also a few minutes ago. I don't have startet the sidequest already. So I will give this a try and give here feedback. Thanks
  4. peda2411_AUT

    Problem with pigs sidequest

    Hello Actually I'm playing the campaign on the montana map. It happend that I sold the pigs from the pig house 2 with the tablet before I see the side quest marker for the pig side quest. Is there any way to complete this side quest now? Unfortunately I've not found a way to buy new pigs for example... br, Daniel