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  1. Hawkshokstone1

    5 things Techland need fix

    And this is why I play on console don’t have to really worry about hacks and modders.
  2. Hawkshokstone1

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    I’m aware lol. I’m just saying I’ve seen this posted on the Facebook page as well, I’m just trying to figure out if it’s just PS4 doing this. And I know I said I tried this in 1v1 and the problem was still there even after the hunter left
  3. Hawkshokstone1

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    I restarted my ps4 but it was still the same way even 1v1 was the same flare problem, I’ll try again later today see if the problem is still there
  4. Hawkshokstone1

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    Hi I play on PS4 and I noticed my flares are only lasting a few seconds now, just curious if this is just me or if anyone else has had this problem?