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  1. Cypherics


  2. Cypherics


    Please tech techland could you guys make an enhancement on the consoles OR at the very least fix the v sync issue on the ps4 pro
  3. Cypherics

    Christmas candies ps4

    Unfortunately I got all those, but if you find someone with candy canes let me know!
  4. Cypherics

    Christmas candies ps4

    Can someone help me farm for these candies on ps4 add me magic_merlon I've searched for days and I'm missing only two.
  5. Cypherics

    Harran Virus Origin (Theory)

    Anything you learn I'd love to hear it.
  6. Cypherics

    Ps4 Pro Vsync issue

  7. Cypherics

    E3 2018?

    We're waiting further news Techland I hope you don't disappoint.
  8. Cypherics

    Can we permanently get rid of this?

    Agreed, mine has popped up repeatedly.
  9. Cypherics

    Harran Virus Origin (Theory)

    Very interesting research indeed man.
  10. Cypherics

    Is this possible??

    There is no way to get it for free on other platforms, don't worry I've bought the game on console twice and once on pc and all DLC On all versions lol.
  11. Cypherics

    Ps4 Pro Vsync issue

    Does anyone else have it on ps4 pro when you activate boost mode the game frequently jumps between 30 and 60 frames per second.
  12. Cypherics

    Ps4 Pro support?

    Please techland take advantage of these consoles.
  13. Cypherics

    Suggestion for a new object

    There's already a suit in the game called pyza suit that let's you float.
  14. Cypherics

    Content 0 disappointment

    It's alright for free content imo.
  15. Cypherics

    Help! PS4 Save date problem

    Do you still have a psn subscription?