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    Dying Light 2 ending (please..)

    There is an ending where you dont die.
  2. ZeroFcksGiven

    Quitting the game due to bugs, crashes....

    This really seems like a PlayStation issue. If you just Google the errorcodes you will find out that PS support is covering a ton of these codes already.
  3. ZeroFcksGiven


    After a quick googlesearch i found like 5 or 6 PS4 related links. Just google the errorcode.
  4. ZeroFcksGiven

    Remapping Joystick Controls

    So, for the past two days ive been trying to get my generic USB controller to work with Dying Light and its giving me a hell of a time. Usually i use Xpadder but in this case i couldnt get the movement and cam right. Mapping keys works flawless but if you cant move and/or use the cam how you want it its pretty much useless. So i went for xbox360ce and after changing some steamcontrollersettings i actually got the game to find/recognise my controller and whats even better, the steering and cam are perfect for me! Problem solved right? Wrong lol. I simply cant get used to the games presets of the controls. I shoot when i want to jump, i throw my graplinghook when i want to crouch and if anyone knows where my "run" button is id love to hear about it cause i cant find it. Jokes aside, im really getting frustrated over this and i was wondering why we can remap keyboard and mousecontrols but not the joystick ones? Is there a solution for this or do i have to forget about playing with a controller, all feedback is appreciated.
  5. ZeroFcksGiven

    Remapping Joystick Controls

    I read 2 things about that, first was that you could only play co-op with people who had the same modification and second thing was that you could get banned for modifying files? Seem a little harsch for only remapping your controls but i didnt want to risk it anyway.
  6. ZeroFcksGiven


    Sup with that Chinese fella spamming Techland forum??? Mod: PM Me if you see something like this and I will gladly remove it.
  7. ZeroFcksGiven

    BUG: Blake at the Tower on repeat

    Some say its bugged, some say you have to go back twice or that its related to finishing other missions and some like myself have no problems with it at all. Maybe one of the devs could pick it up.
  8. lol you should work on your social skilltree xD
  9. ZeroFcksGiven

    Snake in the Grass

    From my facebookfeed: Dying Light 2 hrs · Content Drop #6 is available now on all platforms. You asked for easier access to Subsonic Ammo. We give you Snake in the Grass - including a new Bounty called Subterfuge. Use stealth and decoys to complete the quest without alerting the Volatiles. As a reward you'll get a blueprint to craft as much Subsonic Ammo as you like. Head to the Bounty Board in one of your Safe Zones to start the Subterfuge Bounty.
  10. ZeroFcksGiven

    Sniper Rifle

    I figured it was because something like that. Zombies spawn relatively close to the player so having a sniper wouldnt even make sense right now. But still we can hope, cant we?
  11. ZeroFcksGiven

    Save guns for humans, not undead?

    Guns are tricky because they make a lot of noise and will attract only more dangerous zombies. Use them with caution and go for headshots. Its even possible to kill multiple enemies with the same bullet. Shotgun deals most damage and is most likely the one you want. Guns and ammo will be for sale at your quartermaster and shopkeepers when you reach Survivor Rank 9. Unless you play at Nightmare mode because then you cant buy any ammo and you will have to craft or find it all. You can find ammo in vans or it gets dropped by Raises men, if you know where to look its not that hard. The new Prison Heist DLC is literally stacked with ammo. Taking on groups of enemies works best if there is a bigger zombie around who will also hit them if they get in the way or use enviromental damage like gastanks, puddles of gasoline, light/cartraps and/or fire extinguishers.
  12. ZeroFcksGiven

    Sniper Rifle

    Don't we all, lol. I imagine being stuck on a rooftop of some abandoned building with a (silenced) sniper rifle clearing the parkinglot below would make one hell of a community event. 4 snipers on a rooftop, thousands of zombies down below, dozens of runners and survivors that need to be covered. Add some flying mutations and a new outfit and they've got another hit.
  13. ZeroFcksGiven

    Dl Companion App Connection Issue

    Thank you for signing up to the Dying Light: Companion. Now you are free to play the app and send collected items to the Dying Light game. Manage your scouts, scavenge for supplies, and fight off zombies – I tell ya, there is no freakin ending to Techlands coolness.
  14. ZeroFcksGiven

    how the story should end in dying light

    Actually, there are like 3 endings that i know of. At the end of Dying Light you have to collect 3 militairy items and with those you can access a militairy vehicle on one of the highways. Then at the end of the Following 'Mother' gives you a choice which will result in alternate endings. All endings are impressive to me but one in particular is close to perfect and could easily be the start of Dying Light 2.
  15. Like Renfur suggested already firecrackers might do the job. Or try to find a gastank so you can blow him up.
  16. Its a misunderstanding that you have to kill every zombie you encounter. Often you can sneak your way past them to get to your objective.
  17. ZeroFcksGiven

    Dying Light Update Testers Wanted

    Bump and sent. edit: guess i didnt sent anything lol. Final-Recipient: rfc822; Action: failed Maybe we could get an active adress or maybe someone should close this topic
  18. ZeroFcksGiven

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Be the Zombie randomly crashes. Just freezes up untill windows prompt the application to be closed. I fell under the map a few times after being driven into a corner and i got stuck inside a cillinder/watertower in The Following as someone was standing ontop and i jumped for them, ended up inside and couldnt get out no more.
  19. ZeroFcksGiven

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: Bounties/Events/New Content #1 thing that bugs me: When you get out of the water or are near one of them zombies who explodes your vision gets blurry for a few seconds. I personally could do without that effect though would be happy already if the duration was brought back a little. I think its very annoying. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: Close to everything. #1 thing that bugs me: few things bother me: - Most games i joined people left like instantly which i kinda can relate to but nevertheless its a problem. - One game i was playing this girl and she totally whiped the floor with me. Not once, not twice but like dozens of times. Didnt feel like she was cheating but she was way overpowered compared to me. To build some confidence in new players like myself you might wanna seperate experienced players from the new ones for at least a few levels.. - If you add a way to report players right after a game we would solve the cheaterproblem in no time. From like 10 games i entered 3 of them were clearly cheating (flying around n stuff lol) and being killed by a cheater simply sucks. OVERALL #1 thing I want: - increased experience/levelcap, more skills and 2 hunters versus 8 humans. Furthermore a system that instead of reporting someone we can honor opponents after a game.
  20. ZeroFcksGiven

    Gun Silencer available now

    Guns are not overpowered when it takes like 4 or 5 headshots to kill just one of the prisonguards and you 're out of ammo even before you reach the first checkpoint. If shooting a zombie wasnt so damn cool id say guns were pretty useless.