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  1. Decided to come back and finish up the missing trophies I have with this game and the only one I have left now is the Coop Bozak horde trophy "Together till the end". I've completed 5 runs now where I've been the last person standing and have the Bozak outfit unlocked, but no trophy pop. Two of the runs I've done without having any legend skill points allocated. Am I completely glitched, or do I have to keep running this to hopefully eventually unlock this trophy? For reference, I'm using the Dying Light original game and disc, not Enhanced Edition for PS4. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Shinsui

    Together till the end still glitched?

    Actually yesterday I helped someone else get the achievement. What we did was make sure he had no legendary points spent. Also, he had not unlocked the bozak mask already, so I might try making a new character and doing the same to see if the achievement is bugged for me since I have the mask on my main save.