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  1. ridiraq


    Thanks Renfur...I can not find any more info on the prison other than this thread, like the mechanics of it, time spawn, penalties if there are, normal vs hard mode? Cause I have bettered myself by more than 25 minutes, and yet it still only gives me .59 secs...
  2. ridiraq

    Help finding gold tier weapons on hard mode

    I've never received any gold tier weapons on hard+ mode and I've done all the Q's and vans, I'll get Orange and some killer mods, but no gold for me...however I just turned in my seals and received 2 golden weapons, but looking at them closely, they're really not much more powerful, all I see is that you have an extra repair, which is a plus...I guess...
  3. ridiraq


    Is the time alloted to unlock loot 1:00 minute? I've done it only 4 times getting faster each time, but that timer in the end seems to stay the same, anyone?
  4. ridiraq

    George Romero tribute

    George was the master...we ALL owe this man for his persistence in the making AND releasing of the infamous NOTLD soooooooooooo many years ago...The ZOMBIE world , the movies, the games, the costumes, have made billions since the release of that treasured black & white...whouda thunk??? LoL RIP Mr. Romero!