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  1. Brad2018

    Bugs on Xbox One

    I had to restart however this did not work I can still see many issues with the game. thanks anyway
  2. Brad2018

    Bugs on Xbox One

    Hi techland, first I really enjoy the game but however there are far too many bugs that are making the gameplay really bad, I will list the bugs that I have come across bellow. one last point to add as many of console players feel is the amount of money that we spent on the game is high and I understand that bugs in game are being sorted is why haven't the bugs been found in post development? . please consider the points that are below as it would reassure my purchase of this game. many thanks, Brad - tractors move slightly when parked and when farmer is still in tractor - grass texture has white dazzling line on top - AI missing areas on fields -Landini inside textured flickering same with McCormick trac - AI generally clumsy and crashes alot